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White Noise & Breathing Pace Lamp Portable Nightlight

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Multiple Comfort Source
Lightweight-only 125g


There are two types of sleepers, those who need absolute silence, and those who simply cannot bear it. This white noise device was created with the latter type in mind - a unique little timed speaker that will gently carry you into dreamland with the most soothing of sounds. Turn it on, set up the time and sound, and enjoy a pleasant, pleasant sleep.


- Timer - set to 15, 30 or 60 minutes

- Wide white noise library

- Can be hung on walls or other surfaces

- Portable

- USB rechargeable

- 90 days of standby time battery duration

- Lightweight - only 125g



Product size: 80*80*33mm   

Colour box size: 88*88*56mm   


125 g


Product size: 3.1*3.1*1.3inch

Colour box size: 3.5*3.5*2.2inch







ABS+PC+ Silicone


Battery cycle number: 500 times

Use time: 30-36 hours

Charging time: 1-1.5 hours

Battery: Li-ion18650-1200mAh

Voltage input: DC5V=0.5-1.0A

Power: 1W


1x White Noise & Breathing Pace Lamp Portable Nightlight

1x USB charging cable

1x Instruction manual*1


Instructions for use:

  1. The product has a total of 5 buttons: a switch button (including play/pause function), a timer button, a (breathing pace) light button, a skip back button (which can also be used to lower the volume), and a skip forward button (which can also be used to increase the volume).
  2. A total of 9 types of sleep sounds (white noise, the sound of waves, howling, the sound of birds, the sound of water, and 3 types of lullabies)
  3. You can use the light function independently.
  4. Press for 0.5 seconds to start the device. "Short" press to play and pause the white noises - they will be looped by default. Press the top and bottom buttons to switch between songs, "long" press to increase or decrease the volume. The device also has a simple memory function - it will continue to play the selected sound when last turned off when you turn it on again.
  5. Press the light button. The breathing pace "program" is divided into 6 cycles, lasting 10 minutes each - 10 minutes to start counting down, 10 minutes to gradually slow down your breathing pace, etc. When the light is at its brightest it indicates "inhalation", when the light is weaker it indicates exhalation - this is how your breathing pace will be guided. This function is automatically turned off after 1 hour but can be further adapted with the timer function.


  1. Time: Short press to change between - 15 minutes (bright red light), 30 minutes (bright green light), 60 minutes (bright blue light), the fourth click simply turns the timer off.
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