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Portable 33 Multi-Language Smart Recording Translation Pen

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Far-Field Recording
Fast Recognition


Have you ever feel a pang of regret when you meet someone from another culture and you don't know that person's language? Maybe you realised how that experience could be enriched if both of you could speak the same language. Has this ever happened to you?
If so, this is the best product ever for you! A magic portable translator pen, which can help you to communicate in a quicker, efficient and fun way.
International communication can be hard sometimes, especially for people who live overseas; students or workers, as well as people who travel for holidays (lucky them!) or for business.
While we can certainly get by with eye communication and body language when abroad, there's simply no comparison with actually knowing the local language.
This Smart Recording Translation Pen is able to translate 33 languages in real time. Such a wonderful invention! You can have a real-time fluent conversation in more than 200 countries!
Sure, you could speak in English everywhere you go, but that’s boring. Come on! Be interesting, be multilingual! With this extraordinary translator pen, you can!

SPOKEN AND WRITTEN TRANSLATION: You can drop your Spanish books because you are about to become fluent in over 30 languages! This incredible pen was designed to help anyone communicate in real time in various languages - almost like an actual human translator. By simply recording any live speech, the device will automatically translate it and reproduce it into any other language of your choice!

FAR-FIELD HD RECORDING & ECHO CANCELLATION: Supports 6 meters HD recording with high-definition digital dual-mic array and American Synaptics far-field voice recognition chip. Also, it's extremely easy to synchronise to your phone and, thanks to its echo cancellation function, it'll be easier for you to record without any interference.

33 LANGUAGES REAL-TIME VOICE TRANSLATION: This extraordinary device is able to translate 33 different languages at an outstanding rate of 400 words per minute (spoken) - its professional manual stenographer can write 180-220 words per minute. If this doesn't seem amazing yet, you' be surprised to know that its accuracy rate for Chinese-English translation is 90% within a 1-meter distance. So much for Google Translate...

Chinese-English/English-Chinese NMT TECHNOLOGY: Thanks to its simultaneous interpretation, this exceptional device can translate at the same time you speak, with the text appearing for 3 seconds on the screen. This makes the translation more accurate and much easier to operate.

PORTABLE WITH AN ERGONOMIC BODY: A wonderful invention, efficient in every aspect. An extremely lightweight design, which weighs only 30 grams. Its ergonomic body and button design will guarantee you a very easy grip and operation. Translation has never been so easy!


- 6 meters far-field HD recording
- Echo cancellation and noise reduction
- 90% accuracy within a 1-meter distance
- Recording and text display (3 seconds on the screen)
- Fast recognition of 400 words per minutes
- Professional manual stenographer (180-220 words per minute)
- Simultaneous interpretation for CN-EN/EN-CN translation (NMT)
- 33 languages translation (covering more than 200 countries)
- Up to 90% translation accuracy rate
- 240 minutes of continuous recording time
- 72 hours of standby time
- Ergonomic body and button design for easy grip operation



12 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm


4.7 x 0.6 x 0.6 in.

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