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Adjustable Pet Bath Sprayer

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Getting your pet to take a bath is even harder than getting your kids to eat their veggies. From fugitive-like escapes to semi-finished baths, it’s no wonder baths are pet-owners’ (and pets’) number one nightmare! Well FINALLY, the solution is here. Suffer no more, with this super-handy sprayer/scrubber for pets.

- EASY TO USE: Bathing your pet will no longer be a nightmare (for either of you). This sprayer combined the swiftness of a shower head, with the cleaning capabilities of a scrubber - leaving you with a free hand to keep your pet from escaping or reach out for any soap or shampoo. Simply attach to your nearest shower or hose, and let the cleanliness begin!

- WATER FLOW POWER CONTROL: With an easy-to-use button, you can adjust the water flow strength, giving you all the needed versatility for a perfect bath. Avoid hurting your animal soul mate by reducing the strength in sensitive areas. Get them squeaky clean, by using higher power in those hard-to-reach parts. Get better and quicker results, with half the effort.

- FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOORS USE: The sprayer is fully equipped with all the necessary adaptors for showers or garden hoses. Every pet is different, every person is different, every house is different - we know that, so we adapted so you don’t have to. Simply find the correct adaptor and screw it onto your shower/hose of preference.



Hose Length: 2.5 m


Hose Length: 8.2 ft



Elastomer + ABS + Hardware


- 1x Pet Cleaning Sprayer
- 2x Adaptors
- 1x Metal adaptor

Included: Two faucet connectors and a stronger, more durable metal adaptor (only available here!).


1. Combine the sprayer with the needed adaptor.
2. Remove the showerhead or hose.
3. Attach the gold head to the sprayer.
4. Attach the silver head to the water supply.

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