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MUZEN RADIOOO Retro Toaster-Design Portable Bluetooth and Radio Speaker

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Classic Experience
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Ever since mobiles, iPods and laptops became popular, we have slowly detached from the simple pleasures of listening to the radio. While one might argue a mobile lets you play what you want, when you want it, there's a certain magic that radio carries - the excitement of discovery, not knowing what song will come next, the absolute thrill you get when they play the song that you *just* needed to lift you up. It's beyond discussion that both worlds - mobile and radio - have something going for them, which is exactly what the designers of this retro radio had in mind.
Bring back the marvellous nostalgia and the thrill of mystery that only radio has, with the simple radio function. Have full control of what you listen to and dance to your favourite tunes with the Bluetooth function.
This small yet powerful retro toaster radio will take you back to a simpler time, where you can enjoy music and dance around without enclosing yourself between 2 earphones.

- RADIO: BRINGING BACK THE MOST CLASSIC MUSIC EXPERIENCE: While we are lucky to be able to access millions of songs with a couple clicks from our devices, listening to radio programs has a certain magic that is nearly lost. Rediscover the most classic way of listening to music, discover artists you never thought you would find and simply disconnect yourself with the lovely radio mode.

- BLUETOOTH: THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Clearly, a radio would not be worth its salt in the 21st century without *some* way to connect to our devices. Enjoy and fully control your favourite music, while reconnecting to the not-so-distant feeling of listening to the radio through the Bluetooth mode.

- RETRO TOASTER DESIGN: If you hadn't realised yet, this cute little radio is modelled to look like a classic old-school toaster. This brilliant retro design will not only bring a unique charm to your home but will serve as a friendly reminder that, in many ways, everything is as simple as it was a few decades ago.

- SUBWOOFER WARM SOUND: No matter what music you love - whether it's a window-shaking Led Zep jam or a more relaxing Beethoven symphony - this tiny radio can handle it all. Bring back the long-lost warmth of radio and give a new life to your favourite music by listening through its crisp and soothing speakers.


- Miniature shape - fully portable
- Rechargeable - 3 hours charging time, 10 hours battery life
- Dual radio & Bluetooth mode
- Retro toaster design
- Easy one-touch switch controls

Our Story

About MUZEN:

MUZEN is one of the most outstanding brands in the smart-speaker market. Their mission is to inject music into people's lives in the coolest and most convenient way. Designing miniature smart speakers that, just like your best friend or life partner, will accompany you in your wildest and most mundane moments - from a beach party that needs some "kick", a first date that needs a bit of atmosphere to calm the nerves, or simply to turn a chore-list into your personal private concert.

This highly social brand invites its users to share their life stories and how music has shaped, inspired, or changes their existence. Their amazing retro-inspired designs will wake up anyone's inner-hipster and turn some vintage-loving heads. They do not only advocate for the portability of loud music - designing speakers so small that could fit in the palm of your hand - but are also keen believers of the powerful emotional effect of good old classic radio - discovery, mystery and ceasing control to sit back and enjoy.

The majority of their star products fall into the smart speaker category - ranging from middle-sized portable radios to outstandingly small miniature Bluetooth speakers. MUZEN will re-ignite your love affair with music, in ways that streaming services, smartphone speakers and earphones simply can't.



Pastel blue




Connection: 3.5MM Audio Jack & Bluetooth Connection
Power supply: Built-in lithium battery
Rated power: Bluetooth / AUX INPUT8W FM4.5W
Signal to noise ratio: >70dB
Speaker power: 8W (40MM internal magnetic)
Speaker impedance: 4
Receive sensitivity: 3UV
FM receiving band: 87-108MHz

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