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MUZEN Atomic Vinyl-Player-Design Miniature Bluetooth Speaker

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How many times have you gotten a sudden urge to listen to music out loud but just simply didn't have a nearby stereo or gear? There's nothing like those spontaneous bursts of energy - alone or with friends - where you *just* need a bit of music to dance or talk over. This mini Bluetooth speaker was designed to turn those average days into memorable ones. To turn a quiet get-together into a blasting party. To cover your every need when your body is just asking for some jazzy tunes.
This incredibly (and I mean INCREDIBLY) small Bluetooth speaker will be your absolute best travel/party/home-alone companion. With an absolutely brilliant design, that makes it look just like a vinyl record player - straight up there with the top vintage trends - and a ridiculously powerful speaker (for its size), it'll become unquestionable life of every party.

MINIATURE + LONGLASTING BATTERY: This Bluetooth speaker is not like other awkward-sized speakers - this one is genuinely small. With a length of only 6.3cm and a ridiculous weight of just 130g, this hand palm-sized device will naturally fit in your pocket, making it a completely hassle-free portable device. If you're not impressed, this tiny device can play music continuously for 7 hours with a single charge (can your iPhone do that?).

POWERFUL SPEAKERS: Don't let its size fool you, this miniature speaker is capable of producing a ridiculously loud and crisp sound. With top-shelf technology (large-diameter coil, NdFeB magnetism driving force, and integrated DSP algorithm processing), the sound produced will be natural, clear, and crisp. An ideal tool for get-togethers, beach parties or simply to enjoy at home and put some colour into your long list of chores.

WALKMAN QUALITY TESTS + AMP FUNCTION: This small device has gone through the most rigorous sound tests to ensure it pays respect to your favourite tunes. With an excellent bass response and an overall fantastic three-band (low, mid, high) balance, you feel like in a live performance every time. The amazing amp function helps give the device an extra kick of volume and thrust when needed.

DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: With a strong zinc-aluminium alloy shell, you'll feel the quality and ruggedness of this device as it seats on the palm of your hand. The fiercely strong materials will ensure longevity and will help produce a solid and balanced sound. Plus, the cool pastel paint makes it look just like a vintage Merc or Jaguar!


- 7-hour playing time at normal volume
- Miniature size: 6.3cm length (smaller than the palm of your hand).
- Passed multiple rigorous sound quality debugging tests.
- Highly resistant core and shell.
- Designed with a large-diametre coil, NdFeB magnetism, and DSP algorithms to ensure the absolute best sound quality.

Our Story

About MUZEN:

MUZEN is one of the most outstanding brands in the smart-speaker market. Their mission is to inject music into people's lives in the coolest and most convenient way. Designing miniature smart speakers that, just like your best friend or life partner, will accompany you in your wildest and most mundane moments - from a beach party that needs some "kick", a first date that needs a bit of atmosphere to calm the nerves, or simply to turn a chore-list into your personal private concert.

This highly social brand invites its users to share their life stories and how music has shaped, inspired, or changes their existence. Their amazing retro-inspired designs will wake up anyone's inner-hipster and turn some vintage-loving heads. They do not only advocate for the portability of loud music - designing speakers so small that could fit in the palm of your hand - but are also keen believers of the powerful emotional effect of good old classic radio - discovery, mystery and ceasing control to sit back and enjoy.

The majority of their star products fall into the smart speaker category - ranging from middle-sized portable radios to outstandingly small miniature Bluetooth speakers. MUZEN will re-ignite your love affair with music, in ways that streaming services, smartphone speakers and earphones simply can't.



6.3 x 4.7 x 3 cm




2.5 x 1.9 x 1.2 in.


0.3 lbs



Zinc-aluminum alloy


System Frequency Response: 120Hz-20KHz
Speaker: 4-3W
MIC use distance: 0.05m
Bluetooth: version 4.2
Battery: 3.7V/400mAh
Charging voltage: DC 5V/1A
Amplifier power: 3W
Signal to noise ratio: 70dBA


Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. When using for the first time, you'll have to link it manually - afterwards, you'll be able to play music automatically.

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