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Miniature Pill-Shaped 2-in-1 Charging & Audio Universal Adapter - For iPhone7/8/X

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2-in-1 Connection
Cute Design
Efficient Charging


If you are an iPhone owner but you do not currently own a set of AirPods, you most likely have struggled with the following situation: "How on Earth can I charge my phone and listen to music at the same time?". As rare as such an occasion might seem at first, it's surprising how often happens! - especially if you're a heavy smartphone user and carry a portable battery with you. But we're not here to discuss the pros and cons of Apple's phone design, we're here to discuss solutions!

Enter the amazing pill 2-in-1 universal adaptor. This minuscule and cleverly-designed adaptor is an affordable and convenient solution to this precise problem. You will never again be kept from listening to music or talking on the phone while charging your mobile. Enjoy your phone as usual without having to spend hundreds in Bluetooth earphones without worrying about running out of battery.

2-in-1 CHARGER AND HEADPHONE JACK: Ever since removing the headphone jack from phones became a thing, most people have struggled and been forced to choose between charging their phone and connecting their earphones - not any more! This miniature adaptor will allow you to rediscover the joy of being able to do both things at the same time. With a lightning port for charging and another for lightning earphones, you can now fully enjoy your phone without spending hundreds in overpriced Bluetooth earphones.

EFFICIENT CHARGING: Despite its cute and delicate appearance, this mini adaptor is capable of withstanding an incredible amount of power! Enjoy super-fast charging with its ability to support 2.1A current.

SUPER CONVENIENT DESIGN: Not only is this adaptor incredibly small and light but has also been designed for maximum comfort. By connecting your cables horizontally, rather than vertically, you will enjoy a much more comfortable and secure phone grip - just like you do when you have no cables connected to it. Text, play, watch videos or simply go on a (sometimes too long) social media binging session with the highest comfort.


- Compatible with iPhone 7, 8 and X
- Supports lightning (iPhone) charging and earphones
- Simultaneous charging and music reproduction device connection.
- Cute pill design
- Horizontal orientation connection - much more comfortable!
- Small, light and easy to carry



Current: 2.1A

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