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KIWEE Portable Lollipop Shape Neck Pillow with Organic Latex

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360-Degree Support
Organic Latex


Nobody likes to spend hours sitting in a cramped space between two strangers with no room for your legs - being forced to be in an uncomfortable and irritable position is probably the worst way to begin any voyage. Some brilliant news for you; are you ready to say goodnight and goodbye to neck pain? If you are a frequent flyer or you love to take many road trips with your family and friends, this pillow is here to change the game.
This ultimate travel neck pillow will become an indispensable accessory when on the plane or even while you're in your office.
Beyond its exceptional lollipop-shape design, which allows you to freely and easily adjust your position, the extraordinary material composition (organic latex and cotton) will guarantee the best comfort and support for your neck. Also, it's lightweight and moulding features make it super flexible for packing into incredibly tight spaces.
Let this fantastic wrap-style pillow be your best travel and naptime companion. Now you can easily fight your sleep apnea and have sweet dreams even in a myriad of - sometimes awkward - positions!

- DESIGNED FOR A 360-DEGREE NECK AND HEAD SUPPORT: The ultimate design opens a whole new world of extreme comfort, with its memory foam that perfectly fits your neck's shape. The perfect ally to combat sleep apnea when you're flying or to simply to take a nap in any position, anywhere.

-MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Easily adjust this beauty according to your neck size or whatever position you desire - no more one-size-fits-all uncomfortable pillows. Also, it can be used for different body parts, such as for your back or waist - the best friend for anyone who suffers from chronic neck or back pain.

-100% PURE MEMORY FOAM AND MACHINE-WASHABLE: Make your resting time as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Since it's made of organic latex, this pillow will gift you with a once-in-a-lifetime nap. Also, its firm structure promotes a better head and neck alignment, which provides unique lateral stabilization support, serenely allowing your head to rest on either side.
Don't worry anymore of bacterias jumping on your neck pillow during long trips, you can easily machine-wash it, fighting any germs straight away.

-EASY TO STORE: Save your time and energy; don't worry anymore about not having enough bag space for every travel accessory. With its easy moulding characteristic, it'll be easy to place it on top of your luggage or in extremely tight spaces.


- Excellent neck and head support
- Portable, lightweight and easy to mould according to your neck size.
- Organic latex for better comfort and to prevent skin irritation.
- Machine-washable to easily kill any germs or bacterias.
- Extremely easy to store.



Expanded size: 85 x 21 x 7cm
Storage bag size: 22 x 16 x 15 cm


Expanded size: 33.5 x 8.3 x 2.8 in.
Storage bag size: 8.7 x 6.3 x 6 in.



Polyester, Cotton, Organic latex


1x Latest Portable Lollipop Shape Neck Pillow - With Organic Latex
1x Storage bag


- Avoid washing with bleach, placing in the dryer and ironing the neck pillow.
- The jacket is suitable for hand-washing at a 30 degrees water temperature or machine wash using the "delicates" mode. For daily stains on the pillow, use a neutral or natural detergent to clean.
- Please avoid contact with acidic or alkaline chemical solvents such as alcohol.
- Avoid contact with sharp objects.
- It is recommended to clean the liner periodically with a vacuum cleaner.
- If you're not going to use the pillow for a long time, it is best to store it away from the sun and in a non-humid environment


The jacket is detachable and the liner is not removable.

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