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DIY Fixing Universal Repair Sticker Tool

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The perfect tool to fix anything in your household or even outside! It is quick, reusable and a strong DIY fixing tool. It is volatile so if you need it to be soft, it will and if you need it to be hard it will be hard. It all depends on the temperature. To change the shape of the tool, simply put it in hot water to soften it and then you can mould it into whatever shape you want and it will stay that shape afterwards and will absolutely not be deformed no matter what.

Not only can it change shape but it can also stretch up to 800% more of its original state. 

You can also add some fun into this because you can DIY color this yourself. Simply heat the white patch to soften it and you can add coloring pigment such as polypropylene pigment and then knead the patch a little bit to even out the color and let it be for a while for it to soak up its new color.


- Recyclable 
- The softness and hardness of this can be controlled 
- Stretches up to 800% of its original state 
- Feel free to DIY change the color for it to fit whatever you’re fixing 
- Examples for use: fixing data cables, umbrella holder, toothbrush holders, glasses, bags and clothes or anything -that needs to be patched! 



10 x 3 x 0.2 cm




4 x 1.1 x 0.07 in





Molecular weight: 80000
Tensile strain rate: 800%
How to use: Simply place the patch in hot water greater than 60 degrees and it will soften quickly.

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