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8 Inch AR Illuminated World Globe Light 3D Design & HD Printing Kids Room Lamp

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Adjustable Brightness
HD Printing
Educational AR


Select a model with AR activation code in order to use the AR function in this globe. The AR activation code will be sent to your email once you have purchased the model with AR activation code.

A great educational Augmented-Reality based globe for your children and yourself. Dive in the divine glow of light this world globe gives and explore the world with its built-in AR function.

Educational AR Experience

With the customized App available for this AR globe, you can have an adventurous augmented reality experience. Hopping through different topics, you can explore the world’s weather, animals, plants landmarks and many more!

Adjustable Brightness

Featuring adjustable brightness, this globe makes a perfect nightlight. Turn the lights on and off with touch of a button and adjust the brightness with a long press.

3D Design & HD Printing

The 3D textured surface highlighting the world’s major mountains and high definition prints let you can easily explore the world we live in.

A fantastic gift for any age, this smart illuminated world globe will bring an awesome AR experience to your home. Discover and explore the very world you live in with this beautiful and creative 8 Inch Illuminated Educational AR World Globe.


- Rechargeable battery lasts up to 4-5 hours with full charge
- High-resolution printing
- Turn on and off the light with just a touch of a button, long press to adjust brightness
- Made of eco-friendly plastic
- Elegant Base



20.3 cm


8 in.



Multi-color, Antique Yellow





8 Inch Illuminated Educational AR World Globe with AR Activation Code
- Activation code for AR function is sent to your email. You can access all the educational materials as well as the mindblowing AR experience on your smartphone app.

8 Inch Illuminated Educational AR World Globe without AR Activation Code
- No activation code included


- Download AR Fun Globe app from the App Store
- Input the AR activation code sent to your email on the app
-Place your phone 20 to 30cm away from the globe, avoid scanning too close
- Tap the screen to focus.
- Wait for a while after you have captured the globe on the screen for the AR effect to load.
- Explore with different topics

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