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3-In-1 Multi-Country Power Adaptor + Power bank + QI Wireless Charger

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Stimultaneous Multi-device Charging
Portable Battery


The ultimate travel phone charger. When we go abroad, the last thing most of us think about is "will my charger work over there?". It's so easy to be surprised by finding that at the other side of the world our chargers don't even fit the socket - and even if you remember, you're forced to buy an adaptor anytime. Combining the power of a portable battery, a wireless phone charger, and a multi-entry USB wall adaptor, you shall never find this problem again.

FIT FOR MORE THAN 150 COUNTRIES: Not only does this amazing charger support the voltage of different countries but it also comes with 4 different wall adaptors - covering Australia, UK, US and Europe. No matter where you go, you'll be able to effortlessly charge your phone.

PORTABLE BATTERY: This charger is more than just a wall socket adaptor, it doubles down as a portable power bank. Moreover, it allows simultaneous charging of the phone and the power bank (something pretty rare to find these days).

WIRELESS CHARGING (QI): Ideal for iPhone X users. Taking advantage of the power bank function, you can easily lay your phone on top of the device to charge it (just as you would with a regular wireless charging pad).

USB + USB-C INPUT PORTS: Regardless of what input cable your phone uses, we've got you covered. This brilliant charger supports simultaneous charging of 2 USB-cable devices (the most common amongst smartphones), as well as one USB-C (as seen in the newer generations of Mac laptops).



- Portable battery

- Adaptors to use in 150+ countries

- Wireless charging (QI)

- Simultaneous multi-device charging

- USB + USB-C ports

- Simultaneous charging of external devices and internal power bank battery

- Ideal for iPhone X and Mac owners

- Perfect for all smartphone owners







0.53 lb


3.15*3.15*1.15 in





Input: AC90-240V 50/60Hz 0.5A

AC Charger:5V 3A (15W)

Type-C: Output:5V 2.4A Input:5V 3A

Output: 2xUSB5V 2.4A (Green)

Battery Capacity: 6700mAh

Qi Wireless out: 5W


1x Three-In-One Multi-Country Power Adaptor + Power bank + QI Wireless Charger


  1. To turn on/off

- Lightly press the power switch to turn on the power bank and wireless charging function. The device will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if not used.


  1. Charging power bank

- Plug in an electric socket - the LCD screen should start to flicker. Once it is fully charged, the LCD screen will display "100%".


  1. Wireless Charging

- Make sure your phone is compatible with wireless charging (e.g. iPhone X).

- Turn on the device and place your phone over the "QI" symbol - charging should automatically start.

- Please the power switch for three seconds to turn off the power when not using to ensure battery saving.



Avoid dropping or hitting the device. Do not place it in or near fire, water or high-temperature environments.

Please use the proper provided charger or adaptors with the device. If you notice any deformities or corrosion please stop using it and get the device checked by a professional.

Warning: improper use may damage the device and may harm your self. It is best to keep it away from children.

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