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Stylish Silk Headband from Not Just Pajama

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100% Silk
Protect Hair
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How amazing would it be to wake up having your hair as neat and perfect as a Hollywood Star every day? Doesn't happen too often, am I wrong? Well if the closest you ever got to a wake-up movie star hair was something resembling Tina Turner in the '80s, this silk headband will be the absolute best for you!

This is not only a very fashionable hair accessory, but it's also incredibly useful and important in anyone's hair care routine.

While it may seem unusual to put something on your head when you get into bed, wearing a silk headband can actually help you achieve the dream hair you've always wanted. This fantastic silk headband will help your hair stay smooth and silky while also eliminating the dryness that can be caused by exposure to the moist night air.

A simple product with a myriad of benefits - ready for the big screen?

-100% SILK: There are countless of benefits for wearing a silk headband. Beyond its extremely fashionable aspect, it also helps to cover your hair while you sleep to retain its body and texture as well as reducing tangles. Let this silky and soft headband add a bit of lustre to your hair, as you enjoy the hypoallergenic and moisturising features that silk naturally offers.

-BIG VARIETY OF COLOURS: A wide range of colours to chose from. Discover the colour that best suits you and don't miss the opportunity to show off your new silk headband. Colour is a key element to help us reflect our personality and style. As a stylish twist to your night-out outfit, or simply a cute little add-on to your dream-wear, this fantastic headband is an absolute delight!

-LOVELY GIFT PACKAGE: A lovely extra detail is a beautiful gift box in which the headband comes. It may seem irrelevant, but the truth is, when we receive a gift the first thing we see is the box - and they say first impressions matter the most! This stunning gift-ready headband will surely surprise any person who receives it.


- 100% silk material
- Big variety of colours
- Moisturizing and dry protection features
- Lovely gift package

Our Story

Founded in London, Not Just Pajama is a company that has the utmost respect and dedication for craftsmanship - a firm believer that, in many cases, we should seek to return to our roots in search of a better quality of life.
With an absolute obsession for details, Not Just Pajama only employes the highest quality fabrics in the making of their products - with a special spot for silk and cotton; the queen and king of fabrics.
As a modern and conscientious brand, Not Just Pajama is also a dedicated advocate for eco-friendly fabrics and the overarching sustainability movement. This has a deep connection with their appreciation for craftsmanship - we all come from nature, and should do our best to live in balance with our surroundings.



Easily adjusted up to 70cm


Easily adjusted up to 28 in.



100% silk

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