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Stunning Round-Edge Wooden Japanese Music Box - City of the Sky

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With all the complications of modern life - filled with stress, technology, screens and noises - sometimes we just need to take a step back and relax. What better way to do so than with the most amazing piece of music? A powerful tool that can transport us to a whole new world and evoque a million emotions, filling us with peace and happiness
Designed to inspire the utmost tranquillity, this Japanese music box is here to do exactly that. No electronics, no cables, no internet and no hassles - just a stunning piece made with the most refined and inspired craftsmanship. Whenever you need to take a deep breath and let go of the pressures of modern life, you can simply turn its knob and let its silky smooth melody transport to you a different world.
The smallest pleasures in life are sometimes those that are long forgotten.

Despite its resemblance to a speaker, this music box is, well... a music box. We all had some version of these in our childhood, where you would simply turn a knob or lever and let a magical melody fill us with dreams and imagination. That exact feeling is what was captured in this box. Turn the knob a few times, sit back and relax as the smooth guitar-like music relieves you from all thoughts and pressures.

With the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship, the sound produced by this sound box is simply incredible. Its wooden body will make the music resonate deeply and smoothly across any room - almost as if you were having a personal guitar concert at home.

There's something quite beautiful about morse code, because, even if we can't read it or understand it, we know there's a real hidden message behind it. This stunning music box conceals the message "I Love You" with a delicate morse code design - an ideal gift for your loved ones that will allow you to remind them how much you care for them without using words...

A beautiful design element that inspires tranquillity from within. The round edges, just like various aspects of life, almost represent a cycle - make this lovely tune part of your daily routine and see how your stress and concerns fly away.


- Music: City of the Sky
- Japanese design
- Fully wooden body
- Manual/mechanical reproduction system
- High sound quality
- Round-edge design













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