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Smart Self-Generating Wireless & Waterproof Doorbell

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Large Range
58 Ringtones
Weather Resistant


Wireless doorbells are a must-have for today’s homeowners. Personalise your home with this stylish and innovative wireless doorbell. A sleek and modern design, an outstanding operating range, and a weather-resistant construction are just a few of the glowing features of this innovative doorbell.
Make a magnificent first impression and surprise your visitors, your family or even the pizza delivery guy at your doorstep. For you, who always pays attention to precious details, what else is there to think about?

NO BATTERY REPLACEMENT NEEDED: This fantastic doorbell uses pressing power generation - minimising the amount of energy consumed and the need to frequently replace the battery to deliver a hassle-free and environmentally-friendly solution.

AN OUTSTANDING RANGE: This wireless doorbell will reach every corner of your home, with an impressive 180-meter range. As you keep on of the wireless sensors near to you, never worry about not hearing the doorbell again!

58 RINGTONES TO CHOOSE FROM: Make an even better first impression. Set the mood of your home with whatever ringtone best reflects your personality or situation - be it an elegant classical music tone, or a fun salsa tune.

VOLUME ADJUSTMENTS & MUTE OPTIONS: Every visit is different - if only we could adapt our doorbell to those needs... Done! The doorbell's volume can be adjusted to be extra-loud - for those situations where you're distracted or in a loud environment - as well as muted and replaced with an LED light - in case you want to relax and not be disturbed by unexpected loud noises.

WEATHER RESISTANT: Don't be scared by the technological look of this doorbell - it is completely waterproof, keeping it absolutely safe from the harshest weather conditions.

- Choose from 58 musical tones
- 4 levels of volume adjustment (including a mute function, where an LED light will quietly indicate someone is at your door).
- Waterproof design
- LED light + ringtone
- Wireless doorbell + indoor receiver system
- 180m wireless range



Transmitter: 6.7 x 6.7 x 2 cm
Receiver: 9.4 x 9.4 x 2.3 cm


Transmitter: 2.6 x 2.6 x 0.8 in.
Receiver: 3.7 x 3.7 x 0.9 in.



1. Frequency: 433.92MHz
2. Code learning function - easily pair as many indoor receivers as you please.
3. Transmitter waterproof rating: IP44
4. The open space has no interference distance of 180 meters.
5. Volume range: 0‐105dB
6. Receiver standby power consumption: 0.2W
7. Transmitter power supply mode: press power generation (no frequent battery replacement required)
8. Receiver power supply mode: 110‐240V 50/60Hz


1x Outdoor wireless doorbell
1x Wireless indoor receivers
1x Adhesive tape


Pairing method:
1. Turn on the indoor receiver;
2. Press and hold the music button for 5 seconds, or press and hold the music button and volume button simultaneously;
3. When the receiver's LED flashes and emits a "beep" tone, release your fingers;
4. Immediately press the outdoor transmitter/doorbell (within 5 seconds) - the indoor receiver's LED light should stop flashing and play the default ringtone. That's it... you have successfully paired the indoor and outdoor receivers!
***Note: if the outdoor transmitter is not pressed within 5 seconds (see step 4), the indoor receiver's LED will stop flashing and emit a “beep” sound once again. In this case, you will have to return to step 1 and try again.

In-home installation instructions (not as scary as the title suggests!):
1. Turn on the internal receiver.
2. Test whether the receiver is capturing the doorbells signal. Simply get somebody to ring the doorbell and try different positions around the house. If the receiver's LED light turns on and plays the ringtone, that position is successfully receiving the signal - otherwise, keep testing different spots until it does. (Avoid placing it on or near metal surfaces, as they can "shield" the doorbell's signal).
3. Adhesive: Take the provided extra-strong double-sided tape. Peel off the cover of one side of the double-sided tape and stick it on the back of the transmitter.
4. Installation (final step!): Clean the surface you had previously tested successfully. Peel off the cover of the other side of the double-sided tape and place it on the selected location. Firmly press the transmitter for a few seconds to ensure it adheres to the surface adequately
***Note: The adhesive is also suitable for marble and glass - simply keep the surface clean and dust-free. The easy-to-stick adhesive will firmly secure the receiver to almost any surface.


The doorbell transmitter should not be attached to a metal security door as it may interfere with the wireless signals.

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