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Silk Sleep Mask with Shading Technology - Embroidery Eyelash Design from Not Just Pajama

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100% Silk
Adjustable Strap
Gift Package


Have you tried countless methods to fall asleep quicker with no results? This might finally be the solution you've been looking for! Research has shown that sleeping with a sleep mask can lead to the production of higher levels of melatonin, which is key to fall and maintain a deep sleep.

This 100% silk sleep mask will help you to fight every single ray of light that may be distracting you from your precious sleeping time! With an outstanding SIX 6 layers of silk, you will block out every single light whilst enjoying the benefits that this super soft and moisturising fabric can give your skin.

Beyond its functionality, it has a stunning eyelash embroidery design on it - a cute little detail to stand out from the crowd and go to bed with style.

-100% SILK WITH EMBROIDERY EYELASH DESIGN: This silk sleep mask is the perfect way for you to get undisturbed sleep, remaining completely oblivious of the light surrounding you. Silk has natural moisturising properties, making it perfect the perfect material to surround your eyes - an extremely soft and hypoallergenic fabric suitable for the most sensitive skin. Its stunning embroidery eyelash design gives it a unique twist that amazingly complements the lustrous qualities of the silk, making it an absolutely stunning and unique piece.

-EXTRAORDINARY SHADING TECHNOLOGY: With the use of SIX layers of silk, this is the ultimate sleep mask - in terms of softness and sunlight protection. Forget about annoying night lights or early sunrises getting in the middle of your sweet dreams. Without a hint of a doubt, with this comfy eye mask, you'll sleep like a baby!

-ADJUSTABLE VELVET STRAP: Effortlessly adjust your sleep mask to your head size for a more comfortable sleep. Slippage can be avoided thanks to its adjustable velvet strap on the back. Don't worry anymore of moving and fixing your eye mask while you sleep - focus on relaxing and nothing else!

-EXQUISITE GIFT PACKAGE: A fantastic little detail to really surprise your loved ones! You'll always make an excellent impression with the right gift, especially if it comes in a nice box. An excellent gift idea for any occasion, and for any person.


- 100% silk material
- Eyelash embroidery design
- Shading technology made of 6 layers of silk
- Big variety of colours
- Velvet adjustable strap
- Lovely gift package

Our Story

Founded in London, Not Just Pajama is a company that has the utmost respect and dedication for craftsmanship - a firm believer that, in many cases, we should seek to return to our roots in search of a better quality of life.
With an absolute obsession for details, Not Just Pajama only employes the highest quality fabrics in the making of their products - with a special spot for silk and cotton; the queen and king of fabrics.
As a modern and conscientious brand, Not Just Pajama is also a dedicated advocate for eco-friendly fabrics and the overarching sustainability movement. This has a deep connection with their appreciation for craftsmanship - we all come from nature, and should do our best to live in balance with our surroundings.



100% 16mm silk

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