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S1 Pocket-size Muscle Relax Smart Massager

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Relax Muscles
Massage Settings
Light Weight


Had a long day? Get the professional spa-like massage experience where ever you like with the this S1 Pocket-size Muscle Relax Smart Massager. Helping you ease muscle pains and tensions, this mini massaging device will make you feel great again!

Relax Muscles, Relief Fatigue

Put it on your neck, shoulder, arms, back and legs and let S1 Pocket-size Muscle Relax Smart Massager do the job. Sending micro electric current to your muscles, this smart massage device helps your muscles to relax, relieves fatigue, and promotes blood circulation.

5 Different Massage Modes

Featuring 10 adjustable intensity levels and 5 different massage modes for a powerful relief, you can customize the massage experience to however you want it. 5 massage modes include: massage, acupuncture, scraping or a combination of all.

Gym, school, work, you name it! Light and compact, take the S1 Pocket-size Muscle Relax Smart Massager anywhere in need of a little relaxation.


- Super lightweight weighs less than 15 g
- Continuous usage up to 4 hours at a full charge
- 10 adjustable massage intensity and 5 different massage modes to choose from



4.4. x 4.4 x 1 cm


1.7 x 1.7 x 0.4 in.





Battery Capacity: 80mAh
Operation Temperature: 0℃ -35℃


- 1x Massager
- 1x Gel Pad
- 1x USB charging cable
- 1x Instructions & Warranty card
- Note: Power adapter is NOT included. Smartphone adapters and computer USB ports are suitable; inappropriate adapters may damage the device.


- Device must be fully charged before long-term storage and is recommended to have it charged every two or three months to extend the battery life
- Use wet wipes to clean the device
- Use a small amount of purified water drops to clean the Gel Pad in order to maintain the viscosity of the Gel Pad
- Replace the Gel Pads with new pair when the viscosity goes away (approximately after 50 cycle times of use)
- Please DO NOT USE or STORE this device under the following circumstances for safety reasons: In the sun / Dusty / In case of fire /Hot and Humid /Electromagnetic Environment

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