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Ultimate Portable Slimming & Workout Belt Machine

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Automatic & Manual Mode
Accelerate Metabolism
Detachable Use


Summer is coming are you trying to bulk up for swimsuit season? Ease your mind - who said that you need to go to the gym every day to lose weight? Wearing this premium slimming machine for a few minutes is enough to effortlessly burn fat and speed up your metabolism. Get ready to feel refreshed, glowing and more energetic! And of course, soak up the summer sun without a worry in your mind.

AUTOMATIC & MANUAL MODE: Two modes: A) Automatic mode - controlled by a microcomputer with a slow to fast rhythm and vice-versa. This mode also has a reversing massage function which helps to burn fat quicke; B) Manual mode - you can freely adjust the belt with five different intensity modes. Working out has never been so easy!

ACCELERATE METABOLISM: This extraordinary device employs a high-frequency body massager which releases positive and negative frequencies, making your body burn fat quicker while speeding up your metabolism.

DETACHABLE USE: Use this powerful slimming machine in any body area! Its magnetic-field-boosted massage facilitates the expulsion of fat in a better and easy way. A breezy way to tone your abdomen, legs, or arms.

BRIGHT LIGHTS HEAT MASSAGE: This extraordinary function is able to release heat into your subcutaneous adipose tissue, accelerating the decomposition of fat and helping you reach your goals faster than ever.



- Unique and split design (traditional belt + massage machine)

- Detachable and easy to adjust around different body parts for a more convenient usage

- Portable and compact

- 5 different intensity levels, adjustable according to the strength that suits you best

- Suitable for general purpose workouts for female and male.

- Massage function

- Helps boost blood circulation and speed up metabolism

- Fast fat burning and symmetrical muscle growth.












Green + white


Cotton, ABS


1x Ultimate Portable Slimming & Workout Belt Machine


-  Please note that the machine will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of non-usage.

- If the machine begins to overheat (i.e. release abnormal levels of heat) wait for 1 to 2 hours before re-using it in order to allow adequate heat dissipation and to prevent damage to the motor from overheating.

- It's highly recommendable to let the body rest for 15 to 30 minutes after aby workout.

- For the manual mode, we highly recommend to start in a lower intensity setting and increase gradually throughout the workout (i.e. from low to high). Please do not use it for more than 10 minutes in the same area.

- Please note that before using the massage function, it's recommended to drink some warm water in order to speed up the metabolism and relieve constipation.

- Please note that the massage function helps your blood circulation. As such, it's normal to feel a warm itch.

- Rubbing some massage oil on the body area you want to exercise or massage can improve the overall results.

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