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Purple Vortex Insect Zapper

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7 Blade Vortex
Safe Quiet
Traps & Kills


This Purple Vortex Insect Zapper attracts, traps and kills mosquitos and insects. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, this Insect zapper is designed to not only kill insects but also to suit your modern décor.

Enhanced 7-Blade Vortex

Lured by the light, mosquitos get sucked inside a vortex created from the highspeed fan. This 360° suction fan make them swirled into the bottom of the tray, causing them to dehydrate and dry out. Designed like a funnel, this Purple Vortex insect Killer Lamp doesn’t let a single insect out!

Safe and Quiet

Using mosquito's favorite 368nm violet light waves 360° all around, this Zapper effectively attracts mosquitos leading them into the suction lamp.

Traps & Kills

Purely physical mosquito eradication method kills mosquitoes in a safe way to humans and pets. Completely free of noise, chemicals, toxins, and radiative elements!

Safe to children, pregnant women, pets and elderly. Are you in a peak season of mosquitos? Never worry, this Purple Vortex Mosquito Zapper will eliminate all your mosquito problems at home and outdoors!


- Silent, lower decibels than chatting in a soft voice
Place however you like to accommodate your space
Power supply via a Micro 5-Pin USB cable
Tray and filter can be disassembled to be washed with water (do not wash the main parts with water)



12 x 12 x 22 cm


4.7 x 4.7 x 8.6 in





ABS, PC, Leather

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