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Portable Window Solar Charger

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Compact Portable
Environmentally Friendly
Space Saving


If you are any outdoorsy, you probably encountered a situation when your power goes low but just couldn't find a power source around. With this Portable Solar Charger, those days are history. Start charging your smartphones and tablets sustainably while out!

Compact and Portable

Solar panels have been around for decades now. But none of them were small and efficient enough to be portable. With this Portable Window Solar Charger featuring compact design and light weight, you can charge your devices anywhere!


Built-in suction cup lets the panel to be attached to the windows to save space and increase solar efficiency by getting the maximum exposure to the sunlight.

Lucky for us living on earth, there is a limitless supply of solar energy ready to power our devices. Just stick it on the windows of your car and home, you will be guaranteed with a backup power ready to go!


- Needs to be charged with electricity via USB cable before the very first use for about 3 hours
- 2400mAh of solar power capacity, 1400mAh of rechargeable lithium battery
- Strong and durable ABS shell are perfect for outdoors
- Kit includes a mini USB cable



11 x 11 x 1.75 cm


4.3 x 4.3 x 0.69 in





ABS Plastic


Battery Capacity

2400 mAh / 3.7 V

Solar Power

5 V / 300 mAh

Input Current

DC4.8-5.4 V 1 A

Output Current

DC 5 V / 500 mAh

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