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Portable Electric Cooler Instant Smart Cooling Cup Holder Rapid Beverage Cooler

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Instantly Cools
Cold To Last Sip
Fast Easy


Introducing Cup Cooler Instant that keeps your drink cold to the last sip.

Instantly Cools

Featuring aluminum cup that reaches -11°C (12°F) within 60 seconds, Cup Cooler Instant turn your drinks from room temperature to ice-cold 6 times faster than putting it in your fridge.

Fast and Easy

Absolutely no preparation needed. Compatible with most of the soft drink cans and beer bottles in the market, simply plug it in, put your beverage, and enjoy your cold drink (to achieve faster cooling add some water into the aluminum cup).

Cold to the Last Sip

Unlike other instant beverage coolers, this Cup Cooler Instant not only cools your drinks, but also continuously keeps your drinks at -5 to 0 °C (23-32 °F). Don't lose that chill until the last sip!

Enjoy chilled drinks to the last sip with this revolutionary Cup Cooler Instant!


- Aluminum cooling cup cools down to -11oC within a minute.
- Diameter of 67mm, the cup fits most of the drinks in the market.
- Drinks can be poured directly into the cup.
- If you wish to put the whole bottle or can in the cup, add some water into the cup to achieve faster cooling.
- Let your creativity explore this smart device's limitless functions.
- Powered by a USB cable



12.4 x 12.4 x 12.6 cm


350 ML


4.9 x 4.9 x 5 in


11.8 oz




White, Grey


Food-grade aluminum


Designer, Howar Geng

"I always forget my cold drink, and I don't enjoy it as much when it gets back to room temperature. Most of the time, I don't drink it anymore and that's a waste. That's why I designed Cup Cooler Instant to solve the problem." – Howar Geng

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