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Nighty Night Noise-Cancelling Stereo Headband

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Studies have shown that listening to music before bed helps you sleep better, stay asleep for longer, and spend less time rolling around in bed, awake. Nighty night stereo headband will gift you with one of the best cures for a good night's sleep. With the ultra-thin, flat, noise-cancelling speakers, you will let the music rock you in a deep dream- also fantastic for exercising, yoga, air travelling or any other activities where conventional headphones might get in the way.

A MILLION THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS: Sleeping better is undeniably great for everyone. This comfortable and bed- friendly headband will help you shut out from the outer world, and focus on relaxing. Ideal for sleeping better, tinnitus sufferers, yoga, exercise and mediation. Get the focus you need to do the things you love!

ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT: Sleeping with conventional headphones is a nightmare! They get in the way of a pleasant sleep and fall out continuously. This headband is specifically made for in-bed comfort while lying down or sleeping on your side. Its super-thin design and head-wrapping qualities will make sure you can forget about the device, and pay attention to what really matters. Featuring noise-cancelling and built-in volume/play/pause controls, this device will boost your relaxation in any activity.

LONG EARPHONE CORD: The extra-long headphone cord will allow you to move freely and get on with your activities or sleep with maximum comfort. Forget about annoying cables getting in the way of your pleasure.


- Ultra-low power, safe RF emissions.
- Noise Cancelling
- Extra-long cord



Speaker Dimension: 3cm
Cord length: 1.0m ± 0.2m
Perimeter: 52cm
Width: 7cm




Speaker Dimension: 1.2 in.
Cord length: 39 in. ± 8 in.
Perimeter: 20.5 in.
Width: 2.8 in.





Headband: Non-woven + brushed
Headphone cord material: PVC


- Impedance: 32Ω±5Ω
- Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
- Sensitivity: 118dB ± 2dB
- Rated Power: 10mW
- Maximum Power: 15mW
- Connection plug: 3.5mm stereo

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