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Miracle Rapid Meat Defrosting Tray Thawing Plate Safest Thaw Pan Defrosting Mat

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8-Minute Defrost
Safe Sanitary
Natural Defrosting


In a hurry to defrost that big chunk of steak? Thaw out tonight's meal in 8 minutes 100% naturally without using a microwave with this Quick Defrost Thawing Plate!

8 Minute Defrost

The Quick Defrost Thawing Plate lets you defrost and thaw in 8 minutes. Defrost fish, steak, meat and poultry at their fullest flavors with this wonderful thawing tray!

Natural Defrosting

Defrost quickly without any help of the electricity or harmful chemicals! The Quick Defrost Thawing Plate integrates cutting-edge aircraft engine cooling technology to effectively thaw out your frozen meats and fish. Absolutely safe and natural, this thawing plate promises you far more sterile and gentle defrosting than soaking in water or microwaving.

A quick and magical thawing experience free of electricity, heat, harsh chemicals or water. With the Quick Defrost Thawing Plate on your countertop, you will always be prepared cooking that last-minute dish!


- Defrost in 8 minutes
- Simply put frozen food on the plate and start defrosting
- Defrost in 8 minutes
- 12mm of slim design



29 x 21 x 1.2 cm


11.4 x 8.3 x 0.5 in.




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