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Kaleidoscopic Waterproof Wall/Floor Mandala Tile Stickers

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Wall & Floor
Highly Resistant
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Give an artistic touch to your home. Decorate your favourite space and set your creativity free.
It's amazing how small details can make a difference. Bring light to your place with these kaleidoscopic tile stickers. Just by sticking and peeling you’ll set up a theatre of colour and generate happiness all-around with a simple element. An affordable and stylish decorating choice that reminds you of a mandala's captivating beauty. Are you ready to change the look of your home in an extraordinary way?

CAPTIVATING & COLOURFUL DESIGN: These tile stickers have nothing to envy about regular tiles - they are just much, much easier to install. With an almost-hypnotising and colourful design, you can bring a whole new life and bohemian atmosphere to any room. An ideal match for a room that just needs that extra bit of colour to be perfect.

SUPER-EASY TO INSTALL: Unlike with regular tiles, you will not have to go through the hassle of calling and paying a professional. Embrace the popular DIY culture as you take matters to your own hands. The simple sticker adhesive mechanism will let you start decorating by just peeling the protective layer off the back of the tile.

HIGHLY RESISTANT MATERIAL: The ceramic tile material can resist the harshest of conditions, making it suitable for any place of the home - from your bathroom to your kitchen. Waterproof, oilproof, heat resistant, humidity resistant and stain resistant - to just name a few!

Can be used as a floor sticker or as a wall sticker
A set of 10 pieces, hexagons, can basically achieve seamless collage
PVC material, oil proof, waterproof and stain resistant


- Ideal for walls or floors - suitable for most flat, dust-free surfaces.
- Hexagonal shape.
- Heat resistant, humidity resistant, stain resistant, waterproof and oilproof.
- Easy sticker installation



20 x 23 cm x 10pcs


7.9 x 9 in. x 10pcs



PVC (ceramic)


10 sets of Mandala Tile Stickers


The tiles are a DIY product - you get to put together all by yourself. The tiles are only suitable for smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal, walls, etc. These should be cleared of any dirt or dust beforehand.

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