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Hero Nebula Slick Drip Coffee Maker Built-In Filter Pot Mug Set

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Drip Coffee
High Quality Glass
4-piece Set


Making coffee has never been easier, cleaner and more versatile! It's pretty hard to get your hands on a good cup of coffee when you don't have access to a machine or stove - this slick drip coffee maker is about to change that. With a super simple, filter-included drip mechanism, you will be able to make a great cup of brown deliciousness at your home or office with just a bit of ground coffee and hot water. Get ready to start your day right and hassle free!

SUPER EASY BUILT-IN FILTER DRIP MECHANISM: By slowly brewing your best ground coffee, the drip mechanism is not only the easiest way to make a cup of brown magic but also delivers a uniquely rich and deeply-aromatic flavour. Forget about buttons, cables and stoves, simply put some ground coffee and hot water into the built-in double-layer filter and done - drip away!

SLICK DESIGN: The elegant combination of glass and metal parts makes this coffee maker a uniquely slick decorative piece - a fantastic touch of personality for your home or office.

RESISTANT AND COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The glass pot, despite its somewhat delicate looks, is incredibly resistant to impact and heat - completely safe to use so you can stay completely worry-free. In addition, the conveniently-placed handle will allow you to effortlessly and safely pour coffee into your mug.

4-PIECE SET: Featuring: a state-of-the-art built-in double-layer coffee filter (no need to buy external paper coffee filters!); a large 360ml pot to hold all the cups of coffee you might need; a slick glass mug that will let you drink coffee in style; and a glass base - where you can place the filter once it's done dripping.


- Highly heat and impact-resistant glass
- Slick design
- Built-in double-layer coffee filter - no need for extra paper filters!
- 4-piece set: filter, pot, mug and base.
- Simple drip coffee system





12.2 oz



High borosilicate glass
Stainless steel
Food-grade silicone


1x Double-layer filter
1x Coffee mug
1x Coffee put

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