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Hero Moka Italian-Style Espresso Coffee Maker

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Easy to Use
Food-Grade Materials
Extra Secure Seal


What's more wonderful than starting your day with a rich and aromatic cup of intense black coffee? And who knows more about coffee than Italians? This slick and shine coffee maker is the best way to get that extra-strong coffee that you're craving. By packing an almost equal coffee-to-water ratio, you'll receive the gift of a uniquely wonderful and deep coffee flavour every day.

ITALIAN-STYLE COFFEE: This coffee maker is the same that most Italian Nonas (Grandmothers) use. It allows you to pack an extraordinary amount of coffee, delivering a strong and rich espresso for you to enjoy. If you feel like a skinnier coffee, you can easily modify the intensity by adding more water or less coffee.

EASY-TO-USE: The mechanism is really simple. Firstly add water to the base, then cover it with the filter piece and add as much ground coffee as you want (the more the better!). Place the rubber piece on the upper part of the coffee maker and tightly seal both parts. Place it on the heat source for 4 to 5 minutes on low heat and you're done - sit back and enjoy the richness of your fresh espresso.

INDUCTION-COOKER FRIENDLY: Don't have a gas stove at work or at home? No worries - this coffee maker is completely compatible with induction cookers, making it an ideal source of fresh coffee at any place.

FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: The highly-resistant stainless steel and rubber not only will tightly and tidily secure your coffee but are also incredibly resistant and durable. No matter how often you drink coffee, this machine will endure for years to come!

1. Mocha pot is made of 304 stainless steel material and can be easily used by induction cooker;
2. Safety valve quality grade will not leak and use safe and secure;
3. Food grade rubber ring has no odour;
4. Three-turn thread design humanized seal is strict


- Extra secure three-turn seal - no leaking!
- Food-grade stainless steel and rubber materials
- Induction cooker friendly
- Gas-cooker friendly
- Versatile coffee styles - adjust the amount of water or coffee to attain a range from Italian-style espresso, to a lighter Americano.



120ml (4 servings)


4 oz



Food-grade stainless steel, rubber

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