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Hero Flower Porcelain Drip Coffee Maker - Mug

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Drip Coffee
Easy to Wash


What is better than a cup of freshly-brewed coffee? If we could only have that anywhere... The truth is, if you don't have a coffee machine or a nearby stove it's nearly impossible to make a nice cup of coffee yourself. This cute flower filter cup is here to change that. An amazingly simple tool that will let you brew a fantastic cup of coffee without all the extras. Pour away hot water over some freshly-ground coffee and begin starting your day right anywhere.

- SUPER EASY DRIP COFFEE MECHANISM: Drip coffee is one of the best ways to get a nice cup of that deep-brown magic - used in some of the most popular coffee destinations, such as Vietnam. Simply place the filter piece over the matching mug, add some ground coffee and hot water, and let the magic begin. Within a few minutes, you'll have a rich and fragrant cup of hot coffee.

- LOVELY DECORATION: Most coffee machines are not exactly decorative; sure, they serve their purpose, but what do they add to your home design? This cute diamond-shaped coffee maker will add a unique decorative element to your home. The stunning pastel colours can easily match any kitchen, adding a discrete touch of colour that reminds of simpler times.

- EASY TO WASH: Forget about the hassle of washing a large and complicated coffee machine. By separating the top part from your mug, and removing the coffee filter, cleaning this coffee maker will be as easy as running some soap and fresh water over them.


- Coffee filter drop mechanism
- Completely analogue
- Fit for any kind of ground coffee or tea
- Easy-to-use
- Easy-to-wash



1/2 cup


1/2 cup



Porcelain cup / Ceramic


1x Filter piece
1x Coffee mug

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