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Hero Flower Porcelain Drip Coffee Maker - Pot

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How great is coffee? This beautiful brown liquid is not only (within limits) great for the metabolism - with some out of the chart fat-burning qualities - but is also a well-known antioxidant that gets us up-and-running for the day ahead. Letting go of the hassle that sometimes regular coffee makers present (such as the need for a stove or a full-fledged machine), this fantastic drip coffee maker jar is here to make every morning better and easier - not to mention it has a super cute and smooth design!

- SUPER EASY DRIP COFFEE SYSTEM: Not only is drip coffee one of the best coffee-making systems - resulting in a deep and aromatic cup of brown magic - but it's also arguably the easiest to master. No buttons. No cables. No stove. Simply place the filter piece and coffee filter over the jug, add some ground coffee and hot water, and drip away! Get a stunning cup of coffee within a few minutes!

- COFFEE FOR EVERYONE: The extra-large size of this coffee maker will more-than-cover your entire family or work team's immediate coffee needs. With its outstanding 450ml, a single round will be enough to get everyone set for the busy day ahead.

- STUNNING DESIGN: The mixture of the flower-shaped jug and the beautiful pastel colours makes this coffee maker an ideal decorative piece for your home or office. A simple, yet chic design that will add a bit of colour and personality to any space.

- EASY TO WASH: Contrary to more sophisticated coffee machines, this coffee maker is a dream to wash. Simply remove the coffee filter and you're ready to go - the high-quality ceramic will make sure you can easily wash everything off with a few drops of soap and fresh water.


- Easy-to-make Drip coffee system
- Easy-to-wash
- Stunning flower-pastel design
- 100% analogue
- Suitable for any ground coffee or tea





15.2 oz





1x Filter piece
1x 450ml coffee pot

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