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HD Cinema Mobile Visor & Headset

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All-Surrounding Experience
Hands-free entertainment


An all-new way to watch your favourite TV programs and play video games like never before. Televisions are quickly becoming a thing of the past - the future is now! Get ready to submerge yourself in the fantastic world of video entertainment, whilst protecting your spine, and experiencing the realm of fantasy with a previously unknown intensity. How? Take a look at this spectacular Cinema Headset!

AN ALL-SURROUNDING AUDIO-VISUAL EXPERIENCE: With this fantastic headset you will feel as if you are almost living in the world of your favourite movies and TV shows. By using your mobile phone, and taking advantage of the 2x zoom-in function, you will find yourself surrounded and submerged in a whole new world - something the world's largest TV will never be able to match.

THERAPEUTICAL BENEFITS: With the head-on design, you will no longer adjust your position to the TV or laptop - this CInema headband will adapt to you. Sit or lay down in whatever position is most comfortable for you, and let yourself float into the world of entertainment without a worry in sight.

COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: The Cinema Headband's material is so light and soft, you will forget you are wearing it within seconds - so it's less about the medium, and more about relaxing and entertaining yourself. With a breathable material and fully-adjustable headband, forget about any discomfort or dizziness.

- 60-inch (equivalent) near-field screen.
- Soft, comfortable and breathable material.
- Hands-free entertainment - compatible with most phones on the market.
- 2x zoom-in function for maximum enjoyment and submersion.



21 x 18 x 11 cm




8.3 x 7.1 x 4.3 in.


0.5 lbs



Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) 


1. Firstly, open the entertainment you want to watch on your phone.
2. Secondly, insert the phone into the CInema Headset
3. Open the curved mirror
4. Lie down in wherever and however you want, and enjoy!

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