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Extra-Strong All-Purpose Magic Adhesive Gel Pads

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Don’t tear yourself away from your belongings, now you can carry with you anything, anywhere and at any time! Thanks to the magic gel pad’s enviable adherent formula, you’ll be free to cook while you watch your favourite show on your phone or listen to your preferred music – all with just the power of a simple sticky pad! Be worry-free, this storm-proof adhesive won’t peel off, its resistance is simply outstanding.

Our magic adhesive gel pads will adhere to virtually surface in the twinkling of an eye!

Extra-Strong Adhesive Tech: This magic adhesive will stick to various surfaces, without glue or nails - leave it permanently, or remove it with ease as needed. Its adherence is outstanding, enabling it to hold a glass or bottle of water alike.

Waterproof and Reusable: If you suspect your magic gel pad has gathered dust or is starting to lose adhesive power, simply wash it until the surface is clear. After drying, it will have regained its full adhesive strength.

Multi-Functional and Easy to Use: Place it in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, in your car for any purpose – as a mobile phone holder, perhaps? This super handy device will allow you to confidently stick anything, anywhere and at any time - life has never been so easy!

Extremely Resistant Adhesive: Polyurethane is famous for its strength and elastic properties, making this adhesive more resistant than others in the market. This material is also very heat-resistant, withstanding temperatures of 100 degrees (C) without deforming or melting.

Different Shapes Designed for Any Object: We thought about all the tiny details. Our magic adhesive package contains one set of four different shapes: Bone-shaped, rectangle, triangle and round shape. Each shape is better suited for different items, in terms of weight and size. 


- Waterproof and reusable.
- Easy to use.
- Extra-strong adherence power.
- 4 different shapes for a better fixation formula: bone-shaped, rectangular, triangular, and circle-shaped.
- Leaves ZERO traces of glue or adhesive on any surface.
- Heat resistance – safely withstanding temperatures of 100 °C



Rectangular shape: 3 x 15 cm
Bone shape: 5.5 x 13.5 cm
Round shape: 8cm (diameter)
Triangle shape: 8cm per side


Rectangular shape: 1.2 x 5.9 in.
Bone shape: 2.2 x 5.4 cm
Round shape: 3.1 in. (diameter)
Triangle shape: 3.1 in. per side





-The best adherence is on a smooth surface: Although this product has superior strength, it’s recommended to avoid bumpy surfaces to guarantee a better magical adhesion effect.

-In order to prevent accidental damage, we highly recommend avoiding the adherence of heavier, fragile, or expensive items in a vertical position for long time periods.

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