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KIWEE Eco-Friendly Foldable 3-Style Backpack and Suitcase

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Eco-Friendly Material
3 Styles


A bag for almost-literally every need. Are you an office worker with a long commute? Are you an intrepid traveller? Or perhaps a student? This hyper-versatile backpack is fit for every kind of person. With an amazing foldable design, you can easily switch between 3 different styles: regular backpack, cross-shoulder suitcase, or extra-small triangular bag. Life is unpredictable, so get a step ahead by making yourself as versatile as possible.

FOLDABLE 3-DIFFERENT STYLES: This amazingly versatile backpack not only has multiple internal and external pockets to conveniently access all your valuable but can also easily be folded into itself to almost magically turn into 3 different styles:

1) Backpack: ideal for students who need to carry around bulky textbooks or their laptop in a safe and convenient way.
2) Cross-shoulder suitcase: A more sophisticated, yet equally-spacy style ideal for office workers who need to carry important documents or their laptop through tiring commutes.
3) Miniature triangle bag: This bag can reduce itself to an incredibly small size, an ideal option for adventurous travellers who want to switch between heavy and light loads as their days progress.

MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS: This cool backpack offers a unique sustainable twist, as it is made completely from recycled plastic bottles. Help save the planet in style- an ideal gift for anyone with that extra bit of environmental consciousness.

WATERPROOF RPET MATERIAL: Keep your precious belongings safe in any situation. Being made from recycled plastic, the outer layer of this backpack is completely waterproof. Not only will you be safe from rain or other unforeseen circumstances, but cleaning it will also be a breeze - simply take a wet wipe and swipe away!


- 100% Recycled RPET material - has passed the EU eco-textile and Oeko-tec standard 100 certifications for sustainable materials.
- Waterproof RPET material - keep your belongings safe no matter what!
- Fold to switch between 3 styles: backpack, cross-shoulder suitcase and miniature triangular bag.
- Multiple inner and outer pockets for your every need.
- Product Accessories: Each backpack side pocket contains a retractable storage bag.



35 x 31 x 14 cm
Accomodateable computer size: 13 inches




14 x 12 x 5.5 in.
Accomodateable computer size: 13 inches


1.2 lbs



Waterproof Eco-Friendly-PET


- Not machine-washable - especially avoid cleaning with bleach.
- For everyday stains on the backpack, use a diluted neutral detergent and wipe with water and a cotton cloth.
- Avoid using strong acids such as alcohol or any other strong chemicals to clean the bag.
- Do not place in the dryer.
- Avoid contact with high-temperature materials.
- When storing the backpack for extended periods, avoid placing it near the sun or in overly-humid environments.

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