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Children's Silk Pyjama Set from Not Just Pajama

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100% Silk
Refined Border
Gift Package


We all want our kids to always have the best of the best and nurture them in every possible way.

It's well-known that children tend to have more sensitive skin, as many have not yet developed all the necessary defences and ruggedness of an adult's skin. If you are looking to make your little beloved feel special while ensuring that their skin is protected from all harms, this lovely pyjama set might be ideal for you.

A 100% silk pyjama is the perfect piece if your child suffers from an allergic skin condition like eczema or dermatitis, or just has very delicate skin. Silk is well-known for being a naturally hypoallergenic fibre and is also capable of reaching and maintaining an ideal body temperature - a great little feature, as it reduces sweating and discomfort while sleeping.

Thanks to its perfect-fit, its comfortably-tight design, and its lightweight properties, your kids will feel cosy, yet elegant, just like a prince or a princess. What an easy way to make your children feel like part of the royal family!

-100% PURE SILK: Introducing the long-standing queen of fabrics. A perfect pyjama for children with sensitive skin since silk is naturally hypoallergenic and incredibly smooth to the touch. Take care of your children's skin and comfort like never before with this sensational-to-wear set.

-TWO-PIECE SET: A long-sleeved nightshirt and trouser set - super comfortable with an every-so-slightly tightness to it that ensures the perfect fit. With a refined edging and silk belt tie, this piece has been designed with extraordinary attention to detail - ensuring your children not only sleep covered in silk's delightful embrace but so they do so in style as well. Gift your little princesses and princes with the comfort royalty-worthy pyjama!

-CHIC GIFT PACKAGES: This elegant silk pyjama set comes with a special gift box, delighting the lucky receiver from the very first moment. An original gift that goes far beyond its material value - you're not gifting a fancy silk pyjama, you're gifting the absolute best nights of sleep for your little beloved. What else can you ever ask for?


- 100% silk material
- Two-piece set: long-sleeved nightshirt and trousers
- Refined decorative border
- Lovely gift package

Our Story

Founded in London, Not Just Pajama is a company that has the utmost respect and dedication for craftsmanship - a firm believer that, in many cases, we should seek to return to our roots in search of a better quality of life.
With an absolute obsession for details, Not Just Pajama only employes the highest quality fabrics in the making of their products - with a special spot for silk and cotton; the queen and king of fabrics.
As a modern and conscientious brand, Not Just Pajama is also a dedicated advocate for eco-friendly fabrics and the overarching sustainability movement. This has a deep connection with their appreciation for craftsmanship - we all come from nature, and should do our best to live in balance with our surroundings.



100% 19mm silk


1x Long sleeved silk nightshirt
1x Silk trousers


Washing instructions:
1. Must use silk detergent to wash; with water not hotter than 30 degrees (Celsius) - machine washable on "delicates" setting.
2. Dark clothes need to be cleaned separately.
3. Turn the pillowcase inside-out when drying under direct sunlight or preferable dry it in the shade.
4. Avoid drying in a dryer machine.
5. When ironing, it's recommended to limit the iron temperature to below 80% and using a dry setting.

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