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CHEER Miniature Stainless Steel Cooling Coke Can Ice Packs

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Are you the kind of person who loves cold whiskey or wine but can't stand having their drink ruined by ice melting? So many drinks are so much better when chilled nicely, but as the ice melts, the drink just gets too watery to enjoy thoroughly. Hopefully, these cute little stainless steel coke cans help you turn that around.
A simple yet amazing invention - place the metallic coke cans in the fridge for a few hours to find the ultimate drink cooler. As you place the miniature cans in your drink, you'll see its temperature drop to a perfect 10 degrees within minutes - all without a single drop of water diluting your drink. Simple, recyclable, effortless, and better.

QUICK COOLING: These amazing little coke cans hold a mixture of ethanol and water which allow them to preserve their cold temperature for longer. Their stainless steel body helps absorb the drink's heat rapidly, allowing the liquid's temperature to drop to an ideal 10 degrees within minutes.

NO MORE WATERY DRINKS: There's nothing worse than having melted ice ruin your fancy wine or whisky. By cooling your drinks with these little metallic cans you can enjoy a chilly glass of white wine or champagne, whilst preserving the integrity and rich natural flavour of the drink.

WIDE RANGE OF USES: You can now enjoy cool drinks of any kind - whisky, wine, champagne, beer, soft drinks - you name it!

FULLY RECYCLABLE: You'll never run out of ice again. Simply give the mini cans a quick rinse after using and place them back in the freezer to enjoy the next time you need them.


- 304 Food-grade stainless steel material - an environmentally-friendly, long-lasting, clean and safe option to cool down any drink!
- Water + ethanol inner solution - for long-lasting cooling effects.
- Fully recyclable
- No more watering drinks down.

Our Story

About CHEER:
Founded in 2011, the brand Cheer has positioned itself as an all-need expert wine and wine accessories brand, aiming to serve the needs of the middle to affluent people. It was jointly created by an international effort of teams in the USA and Qatar, as well as a dedicated French design team.
With a strong base in traditional European wine technology, as well as a deep understanding of modern engineering, Cheer has been a dedicated explorer and researcher in the field of wine tech. The brand has already established itself as an authority and point of reference in the industry, captivating thousands of customers with their up-market, stylish and advanced products.
Cheer follows a wine universal framework by heart - the Perfect Seven. In doing so, they have developed the best products to cover the principal seven parts revolving wine-drinking: temperature control, bottle opening, pouring wine, aeriating wine, wine tasting, preservation and long-term storage. With every new amazing product, they come a step closer to fulfilling their mission - transforming the way people drink and experience wine.



25 x 32 mm


1 x 1.3 in.



304 Food-grade stainless steel


4x Ice Pack
1x Ice Clip


Place the mini cans in the fridge to cool down for 2 to 4 hours. After chilled thoroughly, remove any frost with the provided ice clip. Place in your drink and enjoy!

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