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CHEER Avant-Garde Automatic Wine Bottle Vacuum Pump and Seal Cover

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Fully Automatic
Date Timer
Accident Prevention


Ever felt the absolutely dishearting moment of saving an amazing bottle of wine for later only to find it has gone bad? What an absolute disgrace! While corks can somewhat preserve your wine in the (very) short term, they have no chance of keeping your drink fresh for more than a couple days. This fancy robotic-looking device might just change that.

With a sleek and avant-garde design, this amazing automatic vacuum wine bottle cover is capable of pumping all air and contaminants from the inside of your wine bottle and create the optimum preservation environment. More than that, it will continuously measure and adjust the bottle's internal air pressure, ensuring that your fabulous pinot or merlot lasts for days upon days! Drinking wine should be a relaxing experience, and knowing you can leave an unfinished bottle and find it just as fresh a week later certainly adds to that.

SIMPLE AND AUTOMATIC SYSTEM: This amazing vacuum wine cover challenges any other method of wine preservation you've ever heard of - making the process easier and better than ever. By simply covering the bottleneck with this device, all air will be pumped out within seconds, creating the ideal environment to preserve your precious drink. Keeping your wine fresh has never been simpler!

CONTINUOUS MONITORING AND ADJUSTING: In order to maintain the ideal atmosphere continuously - less than -0.01Mpa to be exact - this device will monitor the air pressure and self-regulate it as needed. Unlike with manual vacuum pumps, you won't have to worry of checking your bottle every other day - this amazing little machine has your wine-loving back covered.

DATE TIMER: A fantastic little touch to this device is the installed "timer". This handy tool will allow you to record the date on which you opened the wine bottle, helping you keep track of elapsed time and ensuring you can get back to your wine before *too much* time has passed.

SLEEK FRENCH DESIGN: Created by an expert French designer, it comes to no surprise that the look of the device is so avant-garde and eye-catching. Not only will it take care of all your wine-preservation needs, but it will do so adding a subtle touch of elegance and chic to your kitchen (or fridge!).

SAFE ACCIDENT MECHANISM: To prevent leakage and ensure the device is kept safe, air pumping will be immediately interrupted if the wine exceeds a 45-degree tilt angle - avoiding any nasty consequences from tipping-off accidents.


- Light monitor to indicate when the device is extracting air and when the process is completed.
- Fully automatic air pumping and monitoring.
- A preservation environment of under -0.01Mpa will be continuously kept.
- Battery operated.
- Accident prevention tilt mechanism.

Our Story

About CHEER:
Founded in 2011, the brand Cheer has positioned itself as an all-need expert wine and wine accessories brand, aiming to serve the needs of the middle to affluent people. It was jointly created by an international effort of teams in the USA and Qatar, as well as a dedicated French design team.
With a strong base in traditional European wine technology, as well as a deep understanding of modern engineering, Cheer has been a dedicated explorer and researcher in the field of wine tech. The brand has already established itself as an authority and point of reference in the industry, captivating thousands of customers with their up-market, stylish and advanced products.
Cheer follows a wine universal framework by heart - the Perfect Seven. In doing so, they have developed the best products to cover the principal seven parts revolving wine-drinking: temperature control, bottle opening, pouring wine, aeriating wine, wine tasting, preservation and long-term storage. With every new amazing product, they come a step closer to fulfilling their mission - transforming the way people drink and experience wine.



72 x 57 x 83 mm


2.8 x 2.2 x 3.3 in.



ABS plastic
Food grade silicone


When extracting the air from the wine bottle, the device will display a blinking yellow light. After all the air has been removed, the yellow light will stop blinking within 5 seconds.

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