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Refined Walnut & Copper Handmade Coffee Stand

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Take your ordinary coffee machine to the realms of elegance with this unique piece. Most coffee machines are more functional than decorative - this amazing little device excels in both. A simple tool that will help you brew an amazing coffee with an incomparable style. This stunning copper stand will unify and fit any standard coffee filter holder, coffee filter, coffee jug. Making coffee is an art, which is why you should make it in style.


- Suitable for standard filters, filter holders, and coffee jugs.

- High-quality durable materials.

- Drip-coffee brewing style.

- Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.

- Classic and refined ornamental style.

Our Story

CAFEDE KONA was founded in Shanghai in 2013 with a single purpose - designing and creating the most outstanding handmade boutique coffee appliances, from conception to production, sales and service. In the pursuit of excellence, CAFEDE KONA invests largely in R&D and innovation, ensuring that their products are continuously improved and making perfect design a never-ending goal. As of today, they possess several utility model patent certificates and design patents.

One of the keys to CAFEDE KONA's success is strong strategic relationships with highly reputable and reliable suppliers. By co-operating with many large manufacturers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, they have created an efficient and reliable network that share their future vision of product excellence. With firm control over the raw material supply chains, processing technology and the production environment, the brand, without a doubt, guarantees excellence and efficiency across the board.

Part of CAFEDE KONA's latest mission is taking their extraordinary boutique coffee appliances - including drip coffee machines, state-of-the-art ice coffee machines, electronic coffee scales, and much more - to the international scene. To promote the brand's international development, it has already acquired multiple international trademark certificates and engaged in multiple communication strategies to captivate audiences across the world.

Since its very conception, CAFEDE KONA has been an important player within its industry, being invited to take part in renown exhibitions, both in their domestic country and in the international scene. On the road to the future, the creators have a sincere desire to contribute to the coffee scene and culture worldwide, with a never-ending dedication to delivering the most extraordinary products and service.












Brass + wood colour


Copper, solid walnut wood


1x CAFEDE KONA Refined Walnut & Copper Handmade Coffee Stand

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