Nearly anything can go as today’s Halloween costumes. From not-scary-at-all movie characters, unicorns to mermaids… But before we all started dressing as sexy bunnies and funny emojis, Halloween costumes were meant to be scary and spooky.

The most effortless way to bring back in some of the spooky Halloween spirit this year are doubtlessly a mask. While other Halloweeners are stuck with costume and make ups, a mask radically transforms you into a walking nightmare in seconds, not to mention, it itself can suffices as your entire Halloween costume.

You can find all kinds of made-to-be-scary masks at neighborhood party shops. But, if you are finding THE scariest and creepiest mask, check out these top 9 scariest Halloween masks ever that will freak your friends out.



9. The Purge LED Light Up Mask
Let’s start with something mild, shall we? Just like as seen on the movie The Purge: Election Year, the eerie but creepy LED wires stitched on the face are just full-out scary in dark. In celebration of the fourth the Purge movie this year, why not go with this LED mask?

8. Plague Doctor Faux Leather Mask
A plague doctor mask and a black hoodie, BAMM!! There goes the creepiest scene. This terrifying plague doctor mask made of faux fur features metallic studs and darkened eyes that will sure bring back the scares.

7. Green Eyed Toothy Night Witch Mask
An upgrade to the traditional witch mask–a Halloween classic of all times, this Green-Eyed Toothy Night Witch Mask is just terrifying. With her mouth wide open showing her fangs off, this witch is truly one of a kind.

6. Spooky White-browed Vampire Mask
Boo! another one with creepy fangs. This vampire is like no other. With his extra-long creepy white brows, this vampire mask gives you the right amount of chill need for the perfect Halloween night.

5. Scary Monster Latex Halloween Mask
Don’t know what kind of monster this one is, but it is sure frightening. With its demon-like horns and creepy tongue sticking out, it works its magic transforming you into a horrible monster–even if you have the most angelic face.

4. Grey Hair Toothy Zombie Mask
A mix of all scary creatures you can imagine, this grey-haired zombie mask makes quite a scene. Eerie and gruesome red eyes complete with grey, thin hair and a horrific pair of horns, this mask is the one to make you stand out from the pack of same old bloody zombies with its mutated look.

3. The Goonies Sloth Latex Mask
"Hey You Guys!" This Sloth mask comes complete with droopy deformed eye, coned head and gummy, rotten teeth. Once you get close look into those eyes, this mask sure gives your spine chills. Join the Goonies gang with this rather-disturbing but funny mask!

2. Pennywise Latex Mask
Even without the freaky frilly clown suit, this Pennywise mask is absolutely frightening. Top it up with sinister giggles and a balloon in your hand. Voilà! Congratulations, you have officially become the most terrifying figure in the room. Take it easy though, you might frighten every Georgie in town.

1. Creepy Smile Halloween Mask
No offence there, but believe me, your own face isn’t going to freak anyone even if you tried smiling in the creepiest way possible. This mask instantly let you earn that creepiest psychopathic look. If you want to hear people say “Ugh, what is that?”, this surely is the go for.