Hidden traveling destinations

With just a handful of weeks left till the summer is over, some of you might be in rush to find the next traveling destination before the summer ends. Of the many amazing places to travel, here are only the ones that are below the horizon, yet to be discovered by the massive traveling industry. Whether you are planning a trip anytime soon or later in winter holidays, if you are tired of same old touristy travel destinations, this blog post will help you find the perfect spot just for you and your family.

A relaxing dip at Enchanted RiverBeautiful Enchanted Lake in Philippine

(Image: Travel with Maria)

Hinatuan River, Philippine
Also known as “The Enchanted River”, The Hinatuan River is one of the coolest natural wonders unknown to many tourists. A scenic body of sapphire-colored water is truly mesmerizing. The spot is a size of a pool, but a dark blue abyss created by a steep fall makes you wonder as if there is something mysterious going on under the water.

The Enchanted River used to be open for tourists to swim, however, since 2017, swimming at the Enchanted River got prohibited. We are still allowed to take a dip 10 meters down the stream though, which is still worth the visit. A paradise on Earth, visit the Enchanted River and witness the magical scene with your own eyes.

Limestone terraces at Jiuzhaigou Valley, ChinaBeautiful limestone terraces in the valley

(Image: Harbin IceChina Discovery)

Jiuzhaigou Valley, China
Are you a fan of nature? Reserving an exceptional beauty of the nature’s most natural form, Jiuzhaigou Valley is one of the unknown areas of the world where you can get as closest to the earth’s natural form. Jiuzhaigou Valley located in Sichuan, China, is one of a kind with its series of beautiful valleys. Stretching over 72,000 hectares in North Sichuan Province, this fairyland comprises of surreal jade, emerald, purple-colored pools, lakes, waterfalls, limestone terraces, forests, and caves.

Exploring Jiuzhaigou Valley is like a tour at the museum of endangered plants and animals. Jiuzhaigou preserves an array of primeval forests that provide a vital habitat for many threatened species like Sichuan pandas, golden monkeys, and takins.

Break free from the tall grey buildings and immerse in the wonders of nature in Jiuzhaigou Valley. Jiuzhaigou Valley boasts spectacular scenery throughout the year but Autumn (September to October) is the best time to take a visit when its alpine landscape is covered with tints of yellow, red and orange colored leaves.

Skaftafell Ice Caves in IcelandSurreal into the ice cave tour in Iceland

(Image: Kai Tong International, Traveler)

Skaftafell Ice Caves, Iceland
As if you were in an episode of The Magic School Bus, an episode called “Into the Glacier”, the ice cave tours in Iceland feels almost illusional. As one of the Mother Nature’s greatest sculpture, Skaftafell Ice Caves located in Iceland let you question your own eyes with its surrealistic scene.

The Crystal Ice Cave lies under the base of the glacier (Breiðamerkurjökull) and is made of thin and sheer ice layers allowing natural light to shine through. A dream-like scenery of ice glowing in translucent sapphire blue, the tour into the ice caves is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A wondrous work of Mother Nature, this spectacular ice cave tour at Skaftafell is truly astonishing. The tour only operates during the winter season (November to March) and the availability is extremely limited, so act early if you are preparing the best winter holiday ever!

Spell binding Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New ZealandAvatar-like glowing cave in New Zealand

(Image: Quixotic road, Bored Panda)

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
Did Avatar’s glowing forest fascinate you? Forget Avatar and get ready to be amused by a glowing cave this time – and even better, this one actually glows in front of your eyes! Mother Nature always surprises us with beautiful absurdities that are almost too cool to be true, and this dreamy cave is absolutely one of the tops.

Located about two hours south of Auckland, the Waitomo Glowworm Cave creates a cosmos of glowing creatures on its ceiling. As its name suggests, the source of light at Waitomo Glowworm Caves comes from the glowworms hanging in the ceiling. A type of bioluminescent larvae unique to New Zealand, these glowworms make a mind-blowing picture, just like how you would imagine traveling in the galaxy would be like.

Much cooler and prettier than those glow-in-the-dark star stickers some of you might have liked as a child, the spellbinding glowworms will definitely blow your mind away. Take a guided boat tour if you want to learn more about the cave's history while these magical creatures illuminate through the dark cave.

Picturesque Pangong Tso Lake, 3 Idiots shooting spotPangong Tso Lake along borders of India and Tibet

(Image: The Land of Snows)

Pangong Tso Lake, India
Another hidden gem in Asia is the Pangong Tso Lake, located in the borders of India and Tibet. Running 83 miles along the two countries, this lake was almost “undiscovered” until it was featured in the last scene of 3 Idiots. Although now there are more tourists visiting the lake to get a glimpse of the beautiful 3 Idiots shooting spot, it still remains under the horizon giving you an intimate, peaceful traveling experience.

The lake offers a clear azure-colored body of water sparkling under the picturesque blue sky and the Himalayan Rocky Mountains. Craving a treatment from the nature? Exhibiting jaw-dropping image of nature’s greatness, Pangong Tso Lake will give you a relaxing retreat away from the same-old city life. Sit back and relax to give your mind and soul a peaceful retreat. The spot is known to be beautiful all-year-around, but the lake freezes during winter regardless of the saline water, so avoid visiting in winter if you were expecting clear azure water sparkling under the sun.

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