Being a great party host is always a burden and is not so easy to achieve. Take the pressure off throwing the perfect party by planning and preparing ahead. Thinking of hosting a party this season? These tips will help you throw a killer party like a pro! Channel the party planner in you with these tips in mind.

Always Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to do is to procrastinate on preparing for the party the day before! Be as organized as possible as even if you plan, parties usually don’t go as planned. Do take great care on the details and organize your plan in to-do lists and shopping lists.

Give Out Amazing Invitations

Best online either through email or social media, give out fun and creative invitations like a video and give them something to look forward to in the party. Make sure your invitations match the party theme.

Make a Killer First Impression

The first few minutes are the most important. Not to mention greeting them at the door, welcoming them with a glass of Champaign or strong tequila shots with savory hors d'oeuvre are tricks to loosen them up helping them quickly pick up the party mood.

Give It a Theme

A themed party always has an edge to it. Fun and unique themes will get your guests excited to attend getting ready for it. Spice things up with the themes that are different. Great Gatsby’s, world’s ugliest sweaters are great party themes that are easy to prepare and easy to invite–not to mention–makes a great Instagram post!

Show Them Something NEW

Everyone enjoys discovering a new world so why not do it in your party? Bring in some new tech or unique items in your party like an electric wine aerator or stainless-steel ice cubes. This gives a topic to talk about, something to remember and an impression they can take home. Exotic recipes or snacks new to them are great if you are a good cook. Discover these products that will blow your guests’ mind away:

An Eclectic Guestlist

Mix a variety of profiles on your guestlist. Your guests are the bread and butter for a good party, invite people from different backgrounds, age, gender and interest so they have lots to talk about. Make sure to give some catalyst to break the ice between the guests who don’t know each other by making introductions and providing the right food and drinks.