The start of spring is the perfect time to do a full, top to toe clean of your home. It’s why they call it ‘spring’ cleaning after all! Decluttering and cleaning your entire home can feel like a mammoth task –a years worth of dust collecting in the corners of rooms doesn’t sound appealing – but we’ve got some tips to make spring cleaning your home an easy and enjoyable task.

Start with your laundry

Want to utilise your time? Kick start your spring cleaning by collecting everything that needs laundering from each room, and throw it in a wash. That way, your fabrics are cleaning, while you’re working on other tasks. Think bed sheets, small rugs, bath matts, cushion covers, shower curtains – everything that can go in the washing machine probably could do with a launder. It’ll feel great to put on fresh fabrics in your newly cleaned house, and it requires little effort on your part!

Do leave-on products first

The next think you’ll want to get out of the way is those leave-on products that can work their magic over an hour or so. This will reduce time scrubbing away at stains and marks. For a deep clean in the bathroom and kitchen, source cleaning products that work to fight dirt without you even lifting a finger. You can even find oven-cleaning products that work overnight, if you want to get a kick start apply these the night before your big cleaning day, so you’ll wake up with one task already ticked off your list!

Update kitchen utensils - 

After you’ve scrubbed your kitchen so it’s sparkling, we bet some of your kitchen crockery and utensils are looking a little worse for wear in comparison. And who knows what kinds of germs they’re still carrying after all this time? Ideally you want to replace pots and pans every five years. For other kitchen utensils, when they start to look worn is the ideal replacement time – but why not upgrade to match your shiny clean kitchen?

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Freshen bedroom

Don’t forget your bed when you’re deep cleaning your home. This is the place you spend 7+ hours a night in, so you want to make sure it’s freshened and clean! The first thing to do is flip your matteress, as this will stop it wearing down and sagging over time – and help you get a good nights sleep! Now that you’ve refreshed your mattress, why not invest in some new sheets to fully update your bed and give it that spring clean feel?

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