You don’t have to visit the spa on daily basis or spend hundreds of dollars on the hefty-priced skin care products to enjoy a healthy glow on your skin. With the help of these skin care tips, daily home care is just enough to achieve that flawless look.

Sleep Well
Thanks to Disney’s fairytale The Sleeping Beauty, we know from a very young age that beauty and sleep are deeply linked with each other. But in today’s busy world, it is very hard to get 7 - 8 hours of sleep as what doctors recommend.

A good night sleep is like the bread and butter to a flawless, glowing skin. Easier said than done, do whatever it takes to get enough sleep to avoid those dark circles and puffy eyes. Researches show that there is a golden time to skin care. 11 PM to 4 AM is the time where our skin cells start to regenerate and go under recovery. So, don’t miss out and make sure you are in bed sleeping as cell production can speed up to triple times if you are in deep sleep around these hours.

Eat Well
Not being professional models, it is very hard for us to keep up with a strict diet plan involving blending kale juice with fresh goji berries every morning. But we can try with something small. Add more greens to your grocery shopping list and make a day in every week vegetarian or even vegan. The rich fiber contents in the greens will help remove body toxins which are often the cause of acne.

So how about a meatless Monday? Although with healthy diet, the results wouldn’t be as dramatic as getting as laser treatment, we assure you, you will definitely feel the difference after a few months. Do you have a hard time keeping up? Share your determination with your friends posting a picture of your vegetarian dinner with a hashtag #MeatlessMonday!

Wash Your Face Once You Get Home
Every one of us is extremely tired once we get home and just want to melt into the couch like a couch potato. But you got to remove the makeup you have worn the whole day immediately the moment you touched the floors of your home. Imagine all kinds of dirty stuff are crawling on your face just waiting to penetrate that layer of makeup you wore. 

Try using tools to effectively remove the dirt and impurities built over the day. If chosen right, they are definitely far better than your fingers cleaning deeply into the pores. There is a reason why the Clarisonic and Foreo brushes came to a big hit recently. These handy devices effectively clean and exfoliate with their micro-thin bristles. But these brushes don’t come by at low cost. For less expensive option for the same effect, try this Sonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush: 

OFF the Makeup ON the Skin Care Products
Once your makeup is removed clean and clear, your skin transforms into a state like a white canvas easily absorbing the skin care products you feed it with. Immediately hydrate and nourish your skin right after you have washed your face with a makeup remover.  

Moisturize and Hydrate
There is no secret recipe to a healthy-looking skin, in fact, a regular hydration is all you need. The moisture and oil balance in the skin is crucial to a flawless skin. No matter your skin type, dry or oily, your skin should be supple with moisture to prevent the saggy look. For dry skin, go with creamy textures and for oily, light and gel-like moisturizers. Take a facial mist everywhere you go as if it were your BFF and spray them on your face whenever your skin feels dehydrated. 

The real pros hydrate their skin not only from the outside but also from the inside. Drink enough water every day and if you don't like the bland taste of plain water, try adding one or two slices of lemon. Lemon water also helps remove antioxidants, detoxing your body and clarifying your skin.

Take a Good Use of At-Home Beauty Gadgets
Don’t think of facial massage as something that you have to spend money and time at the spa for. In fact, in today’s world full of techy gadgets, it is easy for you to give yourself a spa-level facial care at home. Check out these handy homecare skincare gadgets at a price less than a day at the spa:

Lip Scrub for a Posh Pout
Lips are also part of your skin and do need care just as important as the skin. Scrub away those flaky white stuff on your lips. Make sure to moisturize them right after you scrub with a rich lip balm or Vaseline.

Wanna go natural? Make a paste-y mixture of honey and brown sugar and scrub it on your lips. Let it sit there for a minute and rinse it off to get that sexy pout ready for next selfie! 

Know When to Pop That Zit
Once in a while, when our stress is at its peak or immune system is down low, our face showcases an uninvited guest called acne. Maybe you have been heard never touch those zits ever, but if done right, popping pimples can greatly help getting rid of them faster without leaving a scar.ips are also part of your skin and do need care just as important as the skin. Scrub away those flaky white stuff on your lips. Make sure to moisturize them right after you scrub with a rich lip balm or Vaseline.

Only pop a zit when they have a white spot on top. Make sure you sterilize the spot first and use puffy cotton swabs (also sterile) rather than your fingers. Gently press two cotton swabs inwards and when they pop, dab it with an alcohol pad or any skin-friendly sanitizing agent.

Try acne patches on the spots after you've popped them. Some of them are even made to be applied directly on your pimples before they pop. Choose wisely to suit your skin type and make sure you only pop those with a white spot so that those nasty zits don’t leave any scars.