Whether you are in high school, college or far passed that numerical value called “age” ending with “teen”, September reminds of a fresh back to school spirit to all of us. So, how about giving an upgrade on our looks for a new school year?

Even if it has been forever since the last time you entered a classroom, no one’s stopping you from celebrating a start of another school year with a fresh new look! For students to adults all alike, here are something that will help you get in the perfect mood for back to school. So, hit that refresh button on your shopping and to-do lists, and check these out to get back to school spirit back! Recommended for every one of you in any age.

The Cool Backpack Upgrade

The era of smart backpacks is here capable of performing high-tech tasks like charging your phones and protecting your personal data from those horrific RFID scanners. After all, it is the 21st Century, so why can’t your backpacks be upgraded to something more high-tech? Whether you need backpacks for school, work or travel, the all new high-tech smart backpacks have now become a wardrobe staple. Are you still wearing the old stubborn classic backpack that doesn’t do anything except for carrying your stuff? Why not give them a techy upgrade this season? Your trip to school and work will be much more enjoyable with them.

Check out this newest smart backpack featuring an anti-theft RFID protection pocket:

Comfy, Good Quality Shoes

Comfiest shoes are essential to the days at school and work. Go shop for good quality shoes made in superior material and read the reviews carefully to ensure that they ARE comfortable! Find out our picks on the trendiest sneakers in exceptional quality:

All New Alarm Clock

Holidays are over, and now, you would have to wake up at the RIGHT time in the morning. Start your day getting up on-time without snoozing off by getting a brand-new alarm clock! Do you still rely on that alarm set on your smartphone? I know it and you know it, those are just destined to be snoozed. Try the smart and creative snooze-free alarm clocks out there today and start your days new and early!

Here are some creative alarm clocks you can check out:

Good Music

Good music is the priority no.1 for some of us. And that means = killer speakers. The music you like in common often help in great ways in bonding with your classmates and collogues. Good music. Good speaker. The end game.

Get a Fresh Haircut

Getting a haircut may be the easiest way for a fresh new start. Try hair styles you always wanted to try but dared not to, because in this season, you got all the excuse to try something new. New and good hair cut make you feel confident bringing out that inner beauty in you.

Special tip: Get this new haircut a few days before getting back to school or office and give yourself few days to learn how to style the new hair beautifully!

Get Fit

Let’s admit it, working out and eating healthy was there in our new year’s resolution. But how many of us are keeping it till now? I bet not a lot, well, to be honest, mine lasted about a few weeks. September is a great time to get back to that list we wrote down on January and start taking some initiatives. Either you are signing up for a gym membership or going for a run after dinner, September is here for us to take a full advantage on its breezy weather and clear skies. Let’s fully exploit the specialties of this season and start fresh again, just like back in January!

Looking for a workout active wear both beautiful and comfy? Check these out: