Black Friday or Cyber Monday haven’t been a tradition in Australia and isn’t celebrated as much as it has been in the United States. Rather, in Australia, as same goes for Canada, UK, Hong Kong and other European countries, customers are used to save big on Boxing Day, a shopping frenzy much like US’s Black Friday on the day following Christmas.

But ecommerce has long allowed customers all over the world to be a part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Not to mention, jumping on the bandwagon, large number of Australian retailers are slowly offering deep discounts and sales on this day that have once been called an American phenomenon.

Though now we come to think of it, Black Friday may seem like just another one of those marketing days–just another day for us to be lured by the ads saying, “the biggest deal ever”. And true, you might end up broke at the end of the year overpaying for fraud deals in disguise, masqueraded as amazing bargains.

But when done right, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping can actually help us save tons and most importantly, get the best deals on shopping Christmas gifts BEFORE Christmas day unlike Boxing Day.

So, if you decided to jump in the shopping fever during this time of the year, you must be prepared. Let’s all squeeze the most out of Black Friday with these tips that can help you beat the marketing delusion and save tons!

Do your homework and make a list

Drifted by the ads on the street, you can easily find yourself caught up in the shopping frenzy. Everyone talking about how they have the best deals ever, it seems like everything is on the sale of its lifetime.

Be prepared, be the smart shopper and be sure of the products that you plan to buy. As long as you do your homework and research, you’ll be able to save on some serious discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Start making a list, prioritize them and segment in different groups like Christmas gifts or Electronics. By doing this, you will be able to distinguish what you really need to buy.

Be tech-savvy and know your prices

One of the most popular Black Friday tricks is that the retailers bounce up the prices right before the holiday and slash them for Black Friday to market with impressive numbers and discounts.

A way to avoid falling for these scams? Research! This is where getting specific on the shopping list helps. Now you’ve already got a clear idea about what to shop, you should know their prices. You don’t have to go visit the stores every day to get an idea of the price fluctuations and where to find the lowest prices. Be tech-savvy and go research the prices online.

This amazing website let you view the price fluctuations on Amazon, not to mention, the lowest and highest price of a specific item. You can download the extension on your browser to view the price fluctuations right on Amazon or copy paste the product link on their website.

Invisible Hand
Also a browser extension available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, the Invisible Hand help you find the cheapest price available online. If your brick-and-mortar retailer is ever offering a price lower than what is shown to be the lowest price online, go get it – you’ve just got yourself a real Black Friday bargain.

Shop Brain
Similar to the Invisible Hand, Shop Brain is a Chrome extension that shows you the price comparison right at the product page. Its simple, user-friendly interface let you easily compare the prices and find the best deals without switching between pages.

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