Love shouldn't cost a thing and sometimes it's impossible to fill an empty heart with material objects. This might be easier said than done and it maybe an idealistic idea that is often crushed by the reality. But there are plenty of ways to embody the spirit of Valentine’s Day if you dig deep enough without spending a single cent. So if you’re on a budget, looking for something that really matters, or simply tired of the consumerism, consider these options to make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

52 Things I Love About You

By Ziploc

Forget about buying commercially-made cards. Go creative and make your own handmade-with-love cards or notes for your significant other or give with a gift you made yourself. This "52 Reasons Why I Love You" craft would be a perfect way to make use of an old deck of cards while making sure your partner knows how much you appreciate him or her.

Valentine's Day Love Coupon Book

By Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love

If you are on budget and don't mind being a bit crafty, this might just be perfect. Love coupons are a great way to add a little spark and spontaneity to any relationship, new or old. And the best part of it is that you can personalize them to fit just the two of you! Does your spouse love some relaxing backrub? Is there nasty, unhealthy junk or dessert that your partner just can't resist? Can be customized as much as you want for your partner. Check out this romantic, adorable Valentine's day coupon book tutorial.

A Hearty Breakfast in Bed

By Heather Sage of Brit+Co

Surprise your other half on this Valentine’s Day with hearty, yummy, gorgeous breakfast in bed. A romantic surprise the moment they open up their eyes in the morning will start the day on a sweet note.

A Hand-picked Mix Tape

By Kelly of Happy You, Happy Family

Yes, we do live in the age of Spotify. But a physical, hand-picked playlist of music that means something still remains to be an effective way to say not only "I love you" but also, "I know you". Create a mix tape of songs that means something to you two and play in the car when driving, at home over dinner and wherever special. Of course you don't have to litterally make a "mix tape" in the days like this. A cute USB drive can do the same trick! For detailed tutorial on how to make a mix tape that will delight someone special, check out this tutorial by Happy You, Happy Family.

A Relaxing Spa Day at Home

By Camille Styles of DIY Network

Modern day's spa can cost you a few hundred bucks for a day’s worth of pampering. But if you are prepared, you can re-create the experience at the spa in your own home for a fraction of its price. Start by stocking your shelves up on some basic spa essentials like a facial mask, massage oil, bath salts, some incense sticks or scented candles. Take turns in pampering each other with something more intimate and personal that the spas just can't offer. Even if you aren’t the best masseuse in the world, your special someone will surely appreciate a special spa day at home.

If you are not so crafty, or simply have no time to prepare the options above, check some of these gifts that will help you say I love you without breaking you out of bank.

For Her ♥

Celestial Moon & Star Necklace

A Valentine's day classic. Cliche but always works.
A$77.99, US$57.71

A symbol of hopes and dreams, the Celestial Moon & Star Necklace shows off a whimsical yet elegant vibe. This celestial necklace features a crescent moon pendant on a chain with a star on one side of the chain. Perfect for wearing on its own or layering with multiple chains for a trendy layered look.

Moon & Star Adjustable Ring

A Valentine's day classic. Cliche but always works.
A$77.99, US$57.71

The Moon & Star Bendable Ring stuns with both sophistication and femininity. Soft and flexible enough to adjust the sizes, these moon and star rings wrap around your finger in style completing the perfect look. Add a fashionable, celestial vibe to your hand curations with its moon and star motif. Two designs to choose from: the moon and the star, and two colors to choose from: gold and silver, these rings can be dressed up and down to add a final dashing touch to your everyday ensemble.

Diamond Charm Bracelet

A Valentine's day classic. Cliche but always works.
A$77.99, US$57.71

This heavenly accessory will take your outfit to new heights. In your choice of gold, silver and rose gold, this glorious half bangle bracelet features a divine cubic zirconia filled diamond charm dangling in the center. Add a bling accent on your wrist with this Diamond Charm Bracelet!

Spin Double-Sided LED Vanity Mirror

A gorgeous vanity mirror for stylish her.
A$69.99, US$51.79

Absolutely lust lighted make-up mirror, the Spin Double-Sided LED Vanity Mirror is great for your morning getting ready routine and frequent lipstick touch-ups. Help her get ready under the best lighting with this lovely vanity mirror!

CACTUS Multi-functional Toiletries Bag

Unique and adorable must-have in her purse.
From A$23.99, US$17.75

Help her organize little things she needs with the CACTUS Multi-functional Toiletries Bag!Inspired by the cactus that can hold a lot of water in its stem, the CACTUS Multi-functional Toiletries Bag is designed to pack makeup, accessories, toiletries and more.

For Him ♥

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

For his safe driving experience.
A$29.99, US$22.19

GPS drains smartphone batteries rather quickly but sometimes it's just inevitable to have GPS running. Never worry about his battery running low with this one-stop put-and-go wireless charging pad for mobile device. The best driving companion.

Smart Shoe Deodorizer

For your hard-working man.
A$37.99, US$28.11

Sometimes smelly shoes are inevitable after a tough day at work or a hard-core workout session. This Smart Shoes Deodorizer effectively deodorize and disinfect footwear leaving only the fresh, dry shoes behind! Keep your man’s shoes fresh and clean with the Smart Shoes Deodorizer.

Airforce II Vent Air Freshener

Makes his car smell amazing.
From A$16.99, US$12.57

The Airforce II Vent Air Freshener eliminate odors and create an inviting aroma in the car. Inspired by a single turbine engine and propellers, the blades spin smoothly when the car vent is on. A stylish retro design, this adorable vent air freshener will not only fill his car with elegant fragrances but also add a touch of vintage romantic mood.

Blossom Travel Neck Pillow

A must-have for his jet-set lifestyle.
From A$54.99, US$40.69

Ergonomically designed with breathable well-ventilated memory cotton, the Blossom Travel Neck Pillow is makes any traveler’s best friend. No more head flop, no more nodding off!

Wireless HiFi Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Waterproof earbuds for your athletic man.
A$44.99, US$33.29

Imagine a pair of earphones that can withstand a few splashes of water and sweat. If he enjoys an active lifestyle, these Wireless HiFi Bluetooth Sports Earphones are perfect for him. With it, HiFi beats are just within his reach, even on a rainy day.

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