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Baby Footprint / Handprint or Pet Paw Print Keepsake Art Gift

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Brilliant Clarity
Dust Proof
Moisture Proof


It's true, some moments make a mark on our life. That's why it's important to remember them anytime you want in a very unique and personal way. With this extraordinary and unique handprint keepsake, you can immortalize each step of your beloved's life.
An amazing way to capture your most special memories - create a lasting keepsake featuring your adorable newborn baby's handprint or your special puppy's paw print.
Now you can keep reliving your special memories, as a treasure that must be preserved forever! Say thank you to those who arrive in your life in the most artistic and unique way possible.

UNIQUE MEMORY-LOADED GIFT: This is a very unique way to commemorate your four-legged friend or to celebrate the arrival of your newborn baby.
Now you can permanently keep your pet's paw print or the foot/handprint of your baby. What else to say? Imprint an extraordinary and memorable occasion of your life in a very creative way!

DUSTPROOF & MOISTUREPROOF: Beyond its decorative features, it's extremely efficient in permanently preserving the hand/foot/paw print.
This is the perfect gift and the nicest art keepsake that will take you back the most special moments of your life whenever you want.

IDEAL FOR NEWBORNS & PUPPIES: This artistic keepsake was made with the purpose of remembering your baby's or pet's most delicate, fragile and beautiful moment in life - it's miniature size makes it perfect for newborns and puppies, helping them mark their arrival to this strange world of ours in an extremely special and long-lasting way.

To the family that accompanied us: a gift from cats, dogs and dogs to commemorate the four seasons we have travelled together
High brightness, dustproof and moisture proof, conducive to permanent preservation
Of course, you can also give it to a newborn baby. Thank you for coming to the world, leaving the initial permanent footprint/handprint (to avoid excessive palms, it is recommended to use the baby 6 months ago)


- Perfect for newborns (under 6 months old) and puppies.
- Dust, air and moisture isolation for better preservation.
- A unique gift with a powerful emotional message.
- Brilliant clarity with printed hand/foot/palm



13 x 13 x 13 cm


5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 in.



ABS PC Ultralight clay


1. The density of the clay is high, so it is delicate and sticky. If you need to repeat the printing, you can use the wafer tool to dig out and reform the clay to its original format.
2. With bigger pet's paws, you can lightly press the clay; smaller pet's paws require more pressure to effectively print on the ink.
3. After printing, thoroughly clean off the paws/hands, as to prevent any remains from solidifying.

1. Take the clay mould it into uniform shape and place it on the case.
2. Use fully-cleaned hand palms or paws to print. Place them in the clay for at least 5 minutes - making sure you press every finger and the sole.
3. Use the sticks to form a spherical shape with a smooth surface.
4. Thoroughly clean hands/paws to prevent the clay from drying on them.


1X Clay press disc
1X Writing stick
1X Cherry tree
1X Love Photo House
1X Printing clay 40g


If you are not satisfied with your first attempt at printing, quickly mould the base back into its original shape and retry - as soon as the keepsake is left to sit, it will begin to dry and solidify in order to preserve the print.

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