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Automatic Home Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Packing Machine With Vacuum Bags Roll

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Fresh Food
Easy Marinating
Quick & Easy


Have you ever shopped at Costco, bought food in bulk and ended up throwing them all away? Let’s not waste any food and save the planet. The Fresh Vacuum Sealer help you preserve and store food at their freshest. Seal and freeze meats, cheese, fruits and vegetable and have fresh food stocked up in your freezer all year round!

Fresh Foods All Year Around

Need to prepare a quick meal and have no time for groceries? Always have fresh food ready to cook in your freezer with this vacuum sealer.

Versatile Use

The Fresh Vacuum Sealer let you marinate meats, fish and poultry in minutes and have your food ready for a sous-vide bath. No more boring hours waiting for that chicken to be marinated. Helping you reduce time and effort for that delicious recipe, the Fresh Vacuum Sealer is one of a kind.

Never let your food spoil. Powerful and easy-to-use, the Fresh Vacuum Sealer helps you keep foods fresher and longer while preventing it from freezer burns.


- Help you store food fresh and clean
- Easy touch control
- Soundproof design with quiet operation
- Let you enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round
- Perfect for sous vide recipes



36.6 x 14.2 x 6.7 cm


14.4 x 5.6 x 2.6 in.





Composite Material


5x Vacuum bags
1x Vacuum roll
1x Vacuum roll


- Do not lock the lid on the machine when not in use. Keeping the lid locked in the machine may deform the sponge in the vacuum chamber



1. Put/slide desired food into the vacuum bag and place the open end of the bag on the vacuum chamber flat. Make sure there is no crease or wrinkles on the sealing area.
2. Close the lid and gently press on the lid until you hear a “click” sound and feel the buckles lock on both sides.
3. Press “Vac Seal” to start vacuuming out the bag and after the bag is fully vacuumed, hits “Seal” button to seal the opening. 4. After the bag is completely sealed, unlock the lid on both sides of the machine and gently lift up the lid.

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