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17-tone Kalimba Portable Thumb Keyboard

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Easy to Play


Get yourself in the world of musicianship with this super-original and hyper-portable Kalimba. Playing an instrument does wonders for relaxation, creative thinking, or just plain fun and enjoyment. This piano-like instrument is a great way to test out your musical skills and practice anywhere without any major hassles.

SUPER EASY TO PLAY: Unlike more complex instruments like a guitar or violin, the Kalimba is perfect for musicians of any skill level. By simply plucking the keys with your thumbs, playing around and experimenting, you can easily master this instrument – the key locking system also ensures the Kalimba is always in tune.

HIGH QUALITY AND HAND-MADE: The Kalimba was made by hand with high-quality Acacia Koa wood and ore steel bars. Not only does this help the instrument produce a sweet and crisp tone, but it also equipped it with an unmatched durability.

VERSATILITY: This tiny instrument is super-portable, which will allow you to practice or perform at virtually any location – also equipped with a stylish carrying bag for maximum comfort. A fantastic gift idea for a friend, family member or anyone who wants to step into the fantastic world of musicianship. 


- 17 keys – more than enough to play your favourite songs or melodies.
- Hand-made and highly resistant materials.
- Key locking system – prevents the instrument from un-tuning easily.



23 x 19 x 7.5 cm


9 x 7.5 x 3 in.



Acacia Koa body
Ore steel keys
Peach core


1x 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano
1x Learning book
1x Tune hammer
1x Note sticker
1x Colour sticker
1x Cleaning fabric
1x Carrying bag


- Please avoid moving around the keys within the locking system in order to ensure the best tuning and sound.
- Clean with provided cleaning fabric to ensure the beautiful qualities of the natural materials are maintained.

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