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100% Silk Pillowcase With Cotton Underside from Not Just Pajama

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100% Silk
Health Benefit
Gift Package


If you’re an active sleeper who spends their night tossing and turning, it can be hard to keep a silk pillowcase on your bed since it can easily slide off.
Thanks to the cotton underside of this wonderful silk pillowcase, you can enjoy the same benefits of a 100% silk pillowcase without reaching out to pick up your pillow every fifteen minutes. Your pillow will stay put, guaranteeing you to sleep like a log.
With its outstanding natural health benefits, you'll be able to easily take care of your hair and skin when you sleep, as well as avoiding the hassle of waking up with marks and creases on your face.
Transform your regular pillow into a dreamy one... The only disadvantage? Well, you'll have to carry it around wherever you go, because once you try silk, there's no going back.

-100% PURE SILK MATERIAL WITH COTTON UNDERSIDE: Silk is well known for its outstanding smoothness - an ideal match for any person looking for a more comfortable sleep. The cotton underside is an extremely beneficial feature as it will prevent your pillow from sliding off while you’re sleeping. Gift yourself every day with a reinvigorating sleep and start your day with the right foot!

- EXTRAORDINARILY BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR SKIN AND HAIR: Are you ready to say goodbye to tangled hair, sleep creases and annoying marks on your face when you wake up? Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps keep moisture close to your skin, providing deep and natural hydration. Also, you will get rid of annoying tangles on your hair - which occasionally can get as bad as looking like a bird's nest when you wake up. Start your days with a natural glow a silky-smooth skin (pun intended). Ready to let the magic begin?

- EXQUISITE AND ELEGANT PILLOW PIPING DETAIL: Nothing makes a pillow shine with extravagance like well-finished piping. This lovely detail will transform your average pillowcase into something sublime and sophisticated. Make your bed look like a royal one. Remember: small details can make a huge difference!

- ORIGINAL AND CHARMING GIFT PACKAGE: While we're not supposed to "judge a book by its cover", a stunning gift deserves a stunning packaging, am I wrong? Well, this gift package will make your new silk pillowcase shine even more - a gift-ready little treasure to surprise your family or friends at any special celebration.


- 100% pure silk material with a cotton underside
- Extremely beneficial for both skin and hair health
- Lovely french pillow piping detail
- Charming gift packaging

Our Story

Founded in London, Not Just Pajama is a company that has the utmost respect and dedication for craftsmanship - a firm believer that, in many cases, we should seek to return to our roots in search of a better quality of life.
With an absolute obsession for details, Not Just Pajama only employes the highest quality fabrics in the making of their products - with a special spot for silk and cotton; the queen and king of fabrics.
As a modern and conscientious brand, Not Just Pajama is also a dedicated advocate for eco-friendly fabrics and the overarching sustainability movement. This has a deep connection with their appreciation for craftsmanship - we all come from nature, and should do our best to live in balance with our surroundings.



19mm silk
Front: 100% silk
Back: 100% poly satin
Wrap: 100% polyester


Washing instructions:
1. Must use silk detergent to wash; with water not hotter than 30 degrees (Celsius) - machine washable on "delicates" setting.
2. Dark clothes need to be cleaned separately.
3. Turn the pillowcase inside-out when drying under direct sunlight or preferable dry it in the shade.
4. Avoid drying in a dryer machine.
5. When ironing, it's recommended to limit the iron temperature to below 80% and using a dry setting.

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