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100% Silk Pillowcase from Not Just Pajama

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100% Silk
Health Benefit
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Having a moment of relaxation is essential to make peace and reconnect with your mind and body. A morning beach walk or a quiet evening in the bathtub are some of the best ways to start and finish your day - but it's not always easy to set time aside for these pleasures. Fortunately, sometimes the biggest pleasures come in unexpected forms; laying your head to rest at night on the softest pillowcase might be all you need.
This amazingly soft silk pillowcase will transform your regular pillow into a soothingly smooth treasure. Just as if you were sleeping on a cloud, it will rock you like a baby in a sweet lullaby, or like you're getting the most delicate oil massage every night.
Plus, silk has an amazing array of health benefits, with natural qualities that positively impact your hair and skin health - more on this below!
What are you waiting for? Start sleeping like a royal, simply because you deserve it!

100% HIGH-QUALITY SILK FABRIC ON BOTH SIDES: Silk is the queen of fibres - its luxurious and smooth touch is simply incomparable to other materials. It has an incredible combination of unique and extremely beneficial properties, such as excellent moisture absorption, high tensile strength and naturally hypoallergenic attributes. This pillowcase will gift you with all of these benefits thanks to its fabulous material composition.

NO MORE FRIZZY, TANGLED HAIR: With this silk pillowcase you will put an end to waking up with a messy and frizzy head of hair thanks to the material's extremely low friction. This same attribute will also help minimise the damage that normal pillowcases cause to your hair. Let yourself have a gorgeous head of hair bright and early, and start your day with the right foot!

HEALTHIER AND GLOWING FACE: Save thousands in expensive moisturising and anti-wrinkle creams by sleeping on this silk pillowcase. A great option to help your skin maintain its natural moisture and reduce your facial wrinkles. Reinvigorate, replenish and rejuvenate your skin effortlessly!

REFINED AND ELEGANT PIPING PILLOW DETAIL: When it comes to decor, the devil's in the details. The delicate piping details on your silk pillowcase will transform a bland regular pillow into something sublime and sophisticated. Make your bed look royalty-worthy - because being classy is all about the small things.

EXQUISITE GIFT PACKAGE: It is said that you can’t judge a book by its cover but a gorgeous gift box can't hurt either, right? This package will make your new silk pillowcase shine even more. A fantastic ready-to-go little birthday or anniversary gift for your loved one (and yourself)! Surprise your family and friends, and make them feel special.


- 100% silk material
- Naturally hypoallergenic properties
- Extremely beneficial for your skin and hair
- Refined French piping details
- An exquisite vintage envelope gift package

Our Story

Founded in London, Not Just Pajama is a company that has the utmost respect and dedication for craftsmanship - a firm believer that, in many cases, we should seek to return to our roots in search of a better quality of life.
With an absolute obsession for details, Not Just Pajama only employes the highest quality fabrics in the making of their products - with a special spot for silk and cotton; the queen and king of fabrics.
As a modern and conscientious brand, Not Just Pajama is also a dedicated advocate for eco-friendly fabrics and the overarching sustainability movement. This has a deep connection with their appreciation for craftsmanship - we all come from nature, and should do our best to live in balance with our surroundings.



74 x 48cm


29 x 19 in.



100% 19mm silk


Washing instructions:
1. Must use silk detergent to wash; with water not hotter than 30 degrees (Celsius) - machine washable on "delicates" setting.
2. Dark clothes need to be cleaned separately.
3. Turn the pillowcase inside-out when drying under direct sunlight or preferable dry it in the shade.
4. Avoid drying in a dryer machine.
5. When ironing, it's recommended to limit the iron temperature to below 80% and using a dry setting.

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